Kid Cudi, Taylor Swift, And Jack Harlow All Dropped New Albums

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Today on The Buzz:

1. Kid Cudi, Taylor Swift, and Jack Harlow dropped new music just in time for the weekend.

Talk about a good Friday — we’ve got new music from Kid Cudi, Taylor Swift, AND Jack Harlow 😍 #TheBuzz

2. Disney announced a ton of new projects, including 10(!) Star Wars series.

Disney announcing 10 new “Star Wars” shows, plus Chapter 15 of #TheMandalorian with a *chef’s kiss* performance by Bill Burr? What a way to end the week 🙏 #TheBuzz

3. “Hook” celebrated its 20th anniversary.

“Hook,” starring Robin Williams, Julia Roberts, Dustin Hoffman, and Maggie Smith, hit theaters 29 years ago today — here’s why it still holds up 💚🧚‍♀️ #TheBuzz


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