Non-Aussies Are Sharing The Weirdest Facts About Australia They Know And Even I'm Shocked

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Australia is a land of wacky people, animals and facts — which are often misconstrued by people outside of our borders.


Honestly, the amount of stereotypes about Australian people is ridiculous.

To get a better understanding of what kind of Aussie facts non-Australians are familiar with, Reddit user u/ZanyDelaney posted this thread asking for the coolest facts they know.


Here are our favourite responses.


“That they export sand and camels to Saudi Arabia.”



“Do facts about kangaroos count? ‘Cause I know their balls are above their dicks.”



“And they [kangaroos] can’t walk backwards. Which is why they are on the national seal. With emus. Who also can’t walk backwards.”


National Geographic


“They lost a fucking Prime Minister. Seriously, the guy walked into the ocean and they never saw him again. How’d they honour him? By naming a SWIMMING POOL after him.”



“That Perth is the most isolated city in the world, i.e. the city furthest away from another city.”



“You [Australians] have an entire town that was carved into rock underground.”


John W Banagan / Getty Images


“All of the major cities are on the coast of Australia because the middle is too fucking hot to live in.”



“They have a big-ass container with packages that were meant to be delivered to Austria. Apparently, we have a far bigger one in Vienna for packages that were meant to go to Australia.”


“There are times when I’ve gotten a package with a weird stamp on it that said ‘rerouted from Australia’…”



“They call McDonald’s ‘Macca’s’.”


“And we call Burger King ‘Hungry Jacks’.”


Flickr: Andrew S / Via


“That volcanoes are the only thing not trying to fuck your shit up.”



“Australian cities have insanely good coffee all over the place. I think I heard it’s because coffee wasn’t really a thing there until it was a gourmet thing.”


“Coffee has been good here for a long, long time because of the influx of European coffee culture with the European migrants.”



“You guys eat bread with butter and sprinkles at birthday parties.”


Flickr: aenigmates / Via


“The people there lost a war to emus and rabbits.”


“And cane toads. Don’t forget the cane toads.”



“Most koalas have chlamydia.”



“Dollarydoos is your official currency.”*


*Disclaimer — this one sadly isn’t true.



“They don’t usually have shrimp on the barbie.”


“Only because they’re called prawns.”



“82% of all tourist deaths are caused by drop bears.”


“That the hinterlands of Australia are populated by deadly drop bears, who are by far the most terrifying genetic relatives to koalas to exist. They apparently have hardened pads on their butts that they use to stun their prey when they drop out of trees, and then they proceed to eat the stunned animal (or human). Also, apparently there’s a dedicated conspiracy to trying to convince others that they aren’t real. Australians are odd.”



“Kangaroos can pause pregnancy when under stress or in danger.”




“You guys say cunt a lot.”



“They call peppers (like, red, yellow and orange peppers) ‘capsicum’.”



And finally, “Australia is a vast desert wasteland from which hope can neither enter nor escape.”


National Geographic

Note: Responses have been edited for length and/or clarity.


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