"Star Wars: Visions" Trailer Shows New Japanese Anime Series

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Well, it was destined to happen: Star Wars has gone anime with its new series Star Wars: Visions.

Reimagine the galaxy with #StarWarsVisions, an Original Series featuring stories from seven visionary Japanese anime studios, streaming September 22 on @DisneyPlus.


Star Wars creator George Lucas always said Japanese Samurai movies inspired his masterpiece, so it is only fitting we get to see Japanese creators really take that to the next level.

Two anime characters have lightsaber duel


The Visions series will feature nine episodes created by seven different Japanese anime studios.

Samurai-like anime character draws lightsaber from sheath


There will be options to watch the dubbed version and the subbed version.

Old man anime character smirks with two red lightsabers crossing his face


So which will you choose?

The english dub is stacked with talent: Lucy Liu, Joseph Gordon-Levitt, Temuera Morrison, David Harbour, Neil Patrick Harris, George Takei, and Alison Brie (just to name a few).

Anime cat-person character holds lightsaber handle


That being said, I think I will stick to the subbed version. This is the first time Japanese anime studios are getting their hands on Star Wars, so I want to experience fully their way.

Anime character holds six lightsabers in her six hands


The artwork is going to blow people away. I mean, seriously, just look at this image:

Two anime characters shooting blue and red lightning at each other


Check out this video that released last month discussing the show.

I also love that we’re getting mostly new characters. Can’t wait to find a new favorite character.

Anime character on speeder bike and holding a lightsaber


Will you be watching Star Wars: Vision on Disney Plus September 22? Comment below!


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