People Are Sharing The Truly Romantic Way They Met Their Spouse, And It's So Pure

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Like so many of us, Kristina Hart (@edgykristina) logged onto Twitter on a Friday morning to complain. She asked others to “comment with how you met your spouse,” before joking that she, herself, was still single.

Married people: Please comment with how you met your spouse. I’ll go first, I haven’t

@edgykristina / Via Twitter: @edgykristina

But what started as a “cynical” joke, ended up inspiring one of the most romantic threads I’ve ever read.

Well, I started off cynical. Found myself laughing. Finally crying in the club bc these stories are all so lovely and so unique. Thanks for sharing everyone, trying to read them all. @BuzzFeed this is the only thread you need in life, hope for humanity.

@edgykristina / Via Twitter: @edgykristina

People were eager to share stories of the unconventional ways they met their future partners. Here are 24 of the best ones, because I think we could all use a bit more joy.


@edgykristina I dropped and ruined my bro’s 7th grade body cell project while delivering it to his school. He made me come explain what happened to his teacher. I was covered in melted green jello. Bro got a 100. I got a husband.

@TheInfamousBB / Via Twitter: @TheInfamousBB


@edgykristina I was a weapons inspector at a Soviet missile factory, implementing the INF treaty.
She was a Soviet translator, assigned to that factory, whose job was to monitor the actions of inspectors like me.
The factory made SS-25 mobile ICBMs that targeted American cities.
Go figure.

@RealScottRitter / Via Twitter: @RealScottRitter


@edgykristina The best part is the guy didn’t believe me when I said I was married ( I wasn’t) so I told him to go over and ask (my future hubby). He did and the two of them came back over to me, my “hubby” put his arm around me, and kissed my cheek. other guy apologized and that’s how we met.

@Kleemomof3 / Via Twitter: @Kleemomof3


@edgykristina In a mosh pit! Wore glasses to a punk show 🤦🏽‍♀️, a woman in the pit was starting shit by punching all the dudes knowing they wouldn’t punch back so I turned to some skinny dude, asked/yelled at him to hold my 👓& ran in to subdue/fight the lady. Got my glasses back then married him

@FarnoshMaz / Via Twitter: @FarnoshMaz


@edgykristina We met in college. He wrote a negative review of my club’s poetry reading for the school paper. I was furious. I had to give him a piece of my mind. It was love at first sight. I never met anyone like him. Patient, kind and intelligent… happily married 28 yrs.

@KatieTurner2 / Via Twitter: @KatieTurner2


@edgykristina My husband and I met in 1999 at the (now long defunct) Borders Bookstore at the intersection of Diversey, Clark & Broadway in Chicago. Fittingly, we met in front of the “New Releases” section. We went back to where we met at Borders to take pictures on our wedding day in 2002. ❤️

@SonyaOldsSom / Via Twitter: @SonyaOldsSom


@edgykristina Met in med school. Both dated other people for the first 2 years. Then in the library studying for USMLE Step 1, love grew among the Kreb cycle. 😂 We started dating the night after finishing the exam. Couple’s match 2 years later. Engaged intern year. Married PGY2. Now 22 yrs!

@AmyOxentenkoMD / Via Twitter: @AmyOxentenkoMD


@edgykristina It’s 1991 and I’m 16, she’s 14, we’re at a New Years youth event. To mix things up some, at dinner they lined up the boys and girls oldest to youngest, then paired them off to eat together. The two of us were the end of the line, ate together, and got married 4 yrs later ❤️❤️

@REHuffman6 / Via Twitter: @REHuffman6


@edgykristina Met my husband in 1985 at a KISS concert. We were standing beside each other before the show started so just started talking. Hung out the rest of the night. Got engaged 2 months later & married 6 months after that. It’ll be 35 years week after next.

@ajcrusher / Via Twitter: @ajcrusher


@edgykristina His best friend started dating my best friend and introduced us. We’ve been married for 12 years. Our best friends have been divorced for 12 years. 😄

@TheMrsC_9 / Via Twitter: @TheMrsC_9


@edgykristina Like all early 90s teens, we met at the mall. We were 16. I worked at the mug cart, him Spencer Gifts. Been together 30 years, both professors now.

@melaniesage / Via Twitter: @melaniesage


@edgykristina Dairy Queen! I worked there, and his band practiced across the street and would come over for ice cream after practice. We took wedding photos there years later.

@krryhgn / Via Twitter: @krryhgn


@edgykristina I was visiting a large church I had been to a couple times before but I parked on a different side. Walking in from parking lot I asked a greeter for directions. He was clueless. Young lady overheard and told me to follow her. Been doing so for 27 years.

@KevinMcCroan / Via Twitter: @KevinMcCroan


@edgykristina At a goth-industrial night club

Bauhaus was playing and my ex-girlfriend walked in, so I decided to look really involved with the first hot girl I could strike up a conversation with…

23 years later and I’m not done with that conversation 🤷🏻‍♂️

@ThebanMonk / Via Twitter: @ThebanMonk


@edgykristina I met my husband in seminary at the orientation picnic. Between studying New Testament and writing exegesis papers and doing laundry we fell in love. 33 years later still going strong and both Episcopal priests. 😊

@Holler_Rev / Via Twitter: @Holler_Rev


@edgykristina At the local bowling alley. I was bartending, he was w/ a friend who bowled on the Friday night league. They sat at my bar for last call, & we just clicked. Our 1st date lasted 16 hours (Tigers game, Coney Island, riverside ethnic festival, stopped for a beer on the way … 1/2

@Jayne1115 / Via Twitter: @Jayne1115


@edgykristina This is so off brand for these days but…
I was out dancing with friends. He wouldn’t stop staring at me. There was something about him I couldn’t ignore either so, I walked up and I kissed him.
On the 7th of July this year, we celebrated our 20th wedding anniversary.

@madonnajen / Via Twitter: @madonnajen


@edgykristina We both wrote blogs on the old MSN Spaces and had mutuals that began chatting rooms. He told them “I don’t like her. She’s arrogant.”

When I found out he said that I told him he mispronounced “confident”. We’ve been together 14 years.

@mochamomma / Via Twitter: @mochamomma


@edgykristina In a park at a bluegrass show when it was 30 degrees outside because this is Nashville and the show must go on. Both of us going through divorces, neither of us remotely interested. 4 yrs later on the same weekend in the same spot, I married him.

@tara_aaron / Via Twitter: @tara_aaron


@edgykristina First grade, she was in fourth, on playground heard “hey you catch me.” Looked up and she jumped off a piece of playground equipment we called a cheese tower and landed on me.

@Shannon51283 / Via Twitter: @Shannon51283


@edgykristina We attended the same drug & alcohol rehab a year apart (he went 1st). My roommate in there had gone through the year before with his group & introduced us. We broke the cardinal rule of no relationships in the 1st year of recovery 😬🤣.
We’ve been married since 2001, 3 kids 💕💕

@Colleenmom3 / Via Twitter: @Colleenmom3


@edgykristina I did an internship at the U.S. Embassy in Buenos Aires. 1st day on the job, he was the local IT guy who set up my computer. I knew no one, so I asked if I could hang with him and his friends that weekend. All his friends were “out of town” that weekend, so we went out just us.

@GianiJamie / Via Twitter: @GianiJamie


@edgykristina HS sweethearts. I was a senior, she was a junior; we knew each other but didn’t really hang out; one day, she wasn’t feeling well, so I gave her a ride home so she didn’t have to ride the bus. And then I picked her up the next morning. The next 37 years, as they say, is history.

@DennLL / Via Twitter: @DennLL


@edgykristina We were 13. Her family was moving to town for her dad to become the pastor of the church I attended. The church sent a little “meet the family” brochure and I was like “oh she’s my age! I’m gonna marry her!”

@justinsytsma / Via Twitter: @justinsytsma


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