23 Times People Nailed How Messed Up Inequality Was This Year

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2020 has been a hellscape — and that’s not just because so many horrible things happened.

For many it also became the year when the coronavirus held up a mirror to just how unequal the world is. A global pandemic only exaggerated the ongoing, underlying issues the US was facing.

From government failures to properly support the working class to rich people problems to the fallout from the summer’s racial reckoning, folks on social media made it known how dissatisfied and angry they felt.

Here are 23 takes on the many facets of this year that made it perhaps one of the most horrid dumpster fires we have yet experienced.


What absolute dystopian hell world are we living in.



After 2 weeks of multiple health screens and asking everyone to quarantine, I surprised my closest inner circle with a trip to a private island where we could pretend things were normal just for a brief moment in time


capitalism: if you don’t like how your job treats you you can just get a new one

me: ok i want a new job

capitalism: oh sorry it’s the time every 6 yrs where the entire economy is fucking destroyed so rich people can loot it right now. why don’t you beg in the street for scraps


ARTICLE: How, at the age of just 22 did this man…

ME: Is it rich parents?

ARTICLE: … Yeah.


It’s so wild how your landlord’s income is just…your money


PITCH: “Who Wants To Be A Millionaire?” but the contestants are billionaires so it’s more of a threat.


zuckerberg & jeff bezos donate %0.003 of their monthly salary and y’all praise them… but when demi lovato donates her entire networth + a loan and y’all go MUTE? i see how y’all are https://t.co/J3TLn5q0wu


the government be like: due to the coronavirus we will be providing human rights


Elon Musk saying “I’ll make ventilators IF there’s a shortage” is like your partner looking at you holding a screaming baby, in front of a stove, with a sink full of dirty dishes, and saying “Of course I’m here to help you IF you need it” as he walks off to play video games.




my boyfriend and i are 21 and we just bought our dream home after combining our $1200 stimulus checks. stop being lazy.


Me seeing “there will be blood” trending and having it NOT be about a violent revolution against the wealthy class…


Imagine any of these people dealing with any real oppression.


Twitter is bleeding into the local graffiti


When you see NYPD with unlimited vans, bullets, and tear gas don’t forgot we needed a gofundme to get masks for our hospital


It’s not tear gas unless it’s from the teargas region of France. Otherwise it’s just sparkling fascism. https://t.co/3uHDyewZOx


Fixed! Now the blue line more accurately reflects the percentage of local government budgets that go to police departments.


I personally think it’s really cool how we all went from learning how to make banana bread to learning how to abolish the police in a matter of weeks


throw every christopher columbus statue in the ocean and let that dizzy bitch think he discovered atlantis


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