Just 31 Practical Products From Walmart That Should Make Life A Little Easier

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A FoodSaver 2-in-1 vacuum sealing system, because there is nothing worse than going into the fridge for some delicious leftovers and discovering that your favorite dish has gone bad. This device works well with already cooked foods, and with meats and veggies you plan on storing in your deep freezer.

a black vacuum sealer sealing a storage container full of pasta


Promising review: “I bought this to replace another that had lost some function (it was old enough that I felt OK about it). I had misgivings about this one because I liked my old one very much, but — so nice — this one is better. Its quicker, quieter, just as compact and just as easy to use. The making bags function is genius.” —Linda

Price: $189


A RiverRidge Home bathroom shelf that’ll instantly up the ante on your bathroom’s look while giving you a discreet place to hide everyday items like skincare, extra candles, or whatever else is lounging on your sink right now.

a white bathroom cabinet with two doors and one shelf hung on a wall


Promising review: “I really liked this little cabinet for my intended use and location. That is, the wall right above the toilet. After installation, I adjusted the internal shelf to allow more space on the bottom and it still gives you enough space on top for toilet paper rolls.” —SR

Price: $59.99 (originally $79.99; available in two colors)


A Mainstays storage shelf to organize the space in your pantry, office, or even laundry room. The assembly for this shelf requires no tools, so consider this an easy addition to your home from the moment it’s set on your front door.

a white shelf system with four tiers holding decor and boxes in a room


Promising review: “These multi-purpose shelves are great! I needed something for my craft area that looks modern and clean, but didn’t want to spend a fortune. This shelf met those needs and no tools are required to assemble. An easy assembly that takes five minutes.” —Erika

Price: $24.88 (available in four colors)


A Fellowes climate control foot rest for those of you sitting at your WFH setup for what seems to be all day every day. This foot rest promotes proper posture, while simultaneously warming your feet during the colder winter months, and cooling them off during the summer heat.

a black foot rest with red and blue arrows flowing out of it indicating hot and cold air


Promising review: “This is a great concept. Not only are my feet elevated for comfort but cooled when they’re hot and heated when they are cold! It also works as a fan and heater for the area. Easy operation and compact. Quiet motor.” —FindTJ

Price: $48.95


A Kamenstein spice rack to make sure you never misplace a single bay leaf ever again. This spice rack can be held on the counter, or easily hidden in a corner cupboard.

a silver metal rotating spice rack holding sixteen spices


This set includes a spice rack, 16 spice jars, and 16 spices.

Promsing review: “I really love this spice rack! It is a perfect size so it fits nicely on your counter and will fit perfectly in the corner as well. It has a very nice variety of spices; I have used two of the herbs so far and they are nice and fresh and they taste great. I love that it also spins around for easy access. It’s a perfect addition to my new kitchen!” —BrazilChick32

Price: $19.97


A Better Homes & Gardens adjustable shower caddy, because there is no real reason you ever have to crowd the sides of your tub with shampoos and body washes ever again. This shower caddy is your new handy home for everything from hair masks, to soap bars, and even your razor.

a brushed nickel shower caddy hung over a showerhead holding bottles on its two tiers and a soap bar in its soap dish tier


Promising review: “I love the way you can adjust it. There are so many different sizes of products that normally don’t fit but this is perfect.” —Deaundra

Price: $22.84 (available in two colors)


A Mainstays mesh wash bag to keep all your delicate fabrics and pieces safe in the washing machine next to intense fabrics, like denim and wool. This’ll make your clothes last longer, and laundry day less of a hassle.

three mesh laundry bags on top of a dryer


This comes in four packs of three.

Promising review: “These are the best laundry/lingerie bags I have ever used! All of the seams are closed, no raveling. Much better than I expected! I live in the desert where it can be very dusty and I am using these bags to store appliances as well (my K-Mini). I am sure that I will find other uses for them, no regrets.” —TkkyGrnny

Price: $12.14


A Bodum cold brew and iced coffee maker so that you’ll never have to experience another failed attempt at brewing your favorite coffee beans into a refreshing drink. Simply insert your beans into this press, add cold water, and leave it in your fridge overnight. Yes, coffee shop quality coffee can be this easy.

A white cold brew press holding iced coffee next to a glass of iced coffee


Promising review: “This cold brew coffee pot is a gem for the price! I love that I can make coffee once every few days instead of every day. The draw back is that you can just brew a cup on a whim, it does take at least eight hours to steep in the fridge. I have recommended this little guy to many people.” —Ash

Price: $32.66 (available in two colors)


An over-the-toilet bathroom organizer, because tiny bathrooms are prone to over-crowding. Consider this if you need more space in your bathroom for things like toilet paper, cotton swabs, and even towels.

a black metal over the toilet storage rack with three shelves over a toilet in a bathroom


Promising review: “The instructions were easy to follow! I assembled it mostly by myself while sitting on the floor, and only needed a phillips screwdriver to tighten the fasteners. Very lightweight and easy to move into the bathroom after assembly!” —Angela

Price: $16.99 (originally $19.99; available in two colors)


A set of natural seagrass and rope baskets for a chic storage solution to all those magazines or blankets you have lying around the house.

two storage blankets made of tan and black rope and seagrass with two handles holding books


This comes in a set of two.

Promising review: “I cannot say enough good things about these baskets. I absolutely love them. They are very durable and hold way more then I expected. I ordered these for my living room and got more to organize my kids’ toys. The handles make them easy to move when I need to vacuum. Absolutely one of my favorite purchases from Walmart. Great quality and love the look. I am all about organizing and these are a must!” —Kathryn

Price: $19.68 (available in two sizes)


An Instant Pot that’ll make cooking up a storm every day a breeze. This pressure cooker has the ability to slow cook stews, cook a perfect bowl of rice, and even make yoghurt. The best part? All you have to do is place food inside, press whichever setting you’re in the mood for that day, and forget about it.

a silver and black instant pot pressure cooker with a digital display


Promising review: “LOVE LOVE LOVE!!! I can set it and forget it. There are so many great recipes to make with this. I can even baked a cake in it. It keeps my kitchen cool and clean.” —Frannie

Price: $49 (originally $99.99)


A set of LED puck lights to adhere under your cabinets to open up your counter space. These pucks also work anywhere your home may need extra light, like in the garage, basement, or even closet.

three led lights on display in front of a cabinet that has LED lights adhered under it


Promising review: “It’s a nice unit and was easy to figure out how to install. It adds a nice bit of light to my desk.” —Sketty

Price: $15.62


An electric peeler, because preparing for delicious meals requires much chopping, dicing, slicing, and peeling. Let this device peel your fruits and veggies for you while you take care of the rest.

an electric peeler peeling a potato


Promising review: “As my arthritis progresses it just keeps getting harder and harder to do things for myself. This fruit/veggie peeler makes it so easy for me and fast. I just put the food on and adjust the levers and away it goes. I just have to cut the food up into the size I need. I love it!” —cookie

Price: $17.99 (originally $25.99)


An over-the-door storage system that’ll hold all the coats, belts, and jackets in your home. But why stop there? Consider purchasing one for your storage closet, and hang those brooms and mops that are currently crowding a corner for no reason.

a silver bar that hooks over a door, with hooks for hanging jackets belts and hats


Promising review: “It came assembled. Just put it on your door and, BAM, you’re done. I’m really happy with my purchase.” —Meoshe

Price: $12.92


A Mainstays storage rack to create extra shelving in your cupboard, closet, or under your bathroom sink.

a clear acrylic shelf with two metal legs


Promising review: “After 20 years of having a disorganized pantry, I finally got my husband to add an extra shelf in all the wasted space at the top of my pantry closet. These shelves help elevate smaller items so they don’t get lost or buried, cutting down on food expiring and waste.” —Catherine

Price: $8.76


A Lodge pre-seasoned cast-iron skillet that will become your new best friend when making everything from the perfect French omelet to delicious rosemary lemon chicken thighs.

a cast iron skillet with holding an entire roasted chicken


Promising review: “I got this for a weekend camping trip and used it to cook all breakfast and dinner meals. Lets just say it will now be my “go to” pan from now on. It’s AMAZING! I love it so much, super easy to clean, even heat, cooks everything perfectly. I am so happy I finally purchased this after always being hesitant about getting one for years!” —Meg

Price: $14.88 (originally $26.74)


A Pioneer Woman ceramic cookware set to cook every single meal in every day. Whether you’re looking to simply fry up some eggs in the morning before a long day of work, or are looking to make a delicious casserole for a Friday night dinner, you’ll surely be whipping these pots and pans out.

a set of blue pots and pans with red yellow and green floral designs on them


This set contains a 1.5-quart saucepan with lid, a 2.5-quart saucepan with lid, a 5.5-quart Dutch oven with lid, a 4.6-quart saute pan with lid, a 9.5-inch frying pan and a 12×8-inch ceramic baker.

Promising review: “My wife loves this set. She was very happy with it. Love how nothing sticks on it. Beautiful pattern in combination with the rest of our Pioneerwoman goods.” —Alex

Price: $89 (originally $99)


A Bose waterproof speaker that can easily fit in the palm of your hand as you make your way about the home. This is perfect for those of you who enjoy listening to tunes while in the shower.

a black bose speaker with buttons at the top and front of the speaker


Promising review: “I love the size and sound of this portable speaker. I also love that it audibly tells you the battery life.” —Brenda

Price: $99


A mounted plastic bag dispenser so that you can finally rid yourself of that one plastic bags holding a ton of other plastic bags. This mounts easily to the inside of your cabinet so that you can have all your plastic bags in one place. And if you don’t have too many plastic bags to store, you can even fit dish rags in here, too.

a stainless steel bag dispenser adhered to the inside of a cabinet


Promising review: “Great item that makes storing a minimum number of plastic bags. I can now see the floor of my broom closet and am not embarrassed when I’m opening the door.” —Valerie

Price: $9.42 (originally $16.59)


A Better Homes & Gardens shoe rack, because gone are the days where you just cannot find your missing shoe in the mountain of footwear on your closet floor. This is great to put in your foyer, or in your closet, out of sight and out of mind.

a wood and metal shoe rack holding pairs of shoes on three racks


Promising review: “This was pretty easy to assemble. It is fine for what I wanted which was to get muddy shoes off the floor and organized in my kitchen. I set it up under a table and am quite satisfied.” —Annie

Price: $34.97


An electric kettle so that making your hot beverage is as pleasant as a cup of tea. This kettle boils water for you to the ideal temperature for your stew, meaning you won’t ever have to worry about standing over a stove with a food-safe thermometer ever again.

a glass and stainless steel electric kettle boiling water next to a cup of tea


Promising review: “I love the stainless-steel finish and the glass just gives it the right touch. Its very fast, boils up water in minutes and very easy to use and fashionable.” —Davandre

Price: $24.99


A Pioneer Woman citrus juicer, because once you live life with a citrus juicer, you’ll never want to go back to squeezing juice and pulp out with just your hand and all you might.

a white juicer with a floral design nect to citrus fruits


Price: $7.97


A Mainstays cushioned kitchen mat for those who spend plenty of time in the kitchen. This mat absorbs a great deal of shock as you walk to and fro, saving your knees from damage as you make your third dish of the day.

a black rectangular floormat in a kitchen


Promising review: “Very nice cushioning….I placed the larger one under my sink with two smaller ones in my problem areas. I have white grout so they cover the areas where the grout gets dirtiest.” —overeateranonymous

Price: $10 (available in two sizes and in two colors)


A clothing hanger that can hold four pieces of garment for the space of one. A true treasure for anyone living in a shoebox-sized city apartment.

three tank tops hanging on a 4-tiered hanger


Promising review: “I love this product! Works for both men and women. I used this for my camisoles. It really helped me use the length of my closet. I can see myself using it for my sleeveless dresses as well. The width was getting taken up way too much in my closet. Now I can enjoy more space.” —cannedfruit

Price: $5.96


A narrow rolling shelf to provide you with the perfect home for all of your beauty products from tall cans of hairspray, to the tiniest lip liners known to man. This rolling shelf is also great for storing laundry detergent by your washer.

a 4 tiered rolling cart holding pantry essentials next to a kitchen island


Promising review: “So easy to assemble and Im grateful for having extra space that my tiny kitchen lacks! I filled up with frequently used items so this works great plus so lightweight I can move to any part of the kitchen. I just may buy another.” —Peggy

Price: $42.99 (available in three sizes)


A triple laundry sorter, because who says we can’t organize our dirty laundry? This’ll help you immediately sort your lights from your darks and from your delicates, saving you from sorting on laundry day.

a laundry basket on wheels with three white fabric compartments supported by a chrome frame


Promising review: “I have three small children and we go through a ton of clothes. I wanted something that would make doing their laundry easier to put away. This is exactly as expected. Sturdy and efficient and has made laundry day much more tolerable.” —Megan

Price: $35.52 (originally $41.79)


A Pillow Pad to support your tablet as you surf the web after a long day of checking off your to-do list.

a model sitting in bed with their tablet resting on a pillow pad


Promising review: “This popped up online, and it looked perfect. I wanted not to have to hold my iPad all the time if I am simply watching something. Now, I can securely prop up the iPad in front of me or to the side and have my hands free to do something else.” —Denise

Price: $19.88


A salad spinner, because there truly is no better way to wash and dry your lettuce and leafy greens than by placing them in this device. First, take out the sieve, and wash your vegetables in cold water. Then, remove the vegetables and pour the water out. After that, place the sieve back in, insert your vegetables, and start spinning. Et voila, you now have clean and crisp veggies ready to eat.

a salad spinner with a clear bowl, green colander, and white top next to a salad on a counter


Promising review: “Perfect 3-in-1 for me! I love that the salad spinner also has a serving bowl and a colander. The pump spin is FAR superior to the ones with handles that you crank. I was surprised that just one pump did the job! Attractive, works great, good quality, and a great price!” —Rhonda

Price: $19.97


A Shark IQ robot vacuum that’ll map out your entire house, and follow a grid-like path every day to ensure that every nook and cranny of your home is clean. All you have to do is turn this bad boy on, and go about your day.

a shark robot cleaner following a grid pattern versus a competitor cleaner that is haphazardly tracing the floor in a random pattern


Promising review: “The best vacuum Ive ever had. I set the timer and it starts the same time everyday. The first week it maps all the rooms it needs to clean then it just cleans. The best feature is is the grid pattern it follows. It will stop every once in a while to reorient itself if a piece of furniture is moved then it resumes cleaning never missing a spot. It also comes with floor tape to block off areas you dont want cleaned. I like this vacuum so much I am getting one for my daughter. My floors have never been cleaner.” —Julia

Price: $199 (originally $394)


A bedside lamp with a USB charging port for charging your phone or e-reader. This lamp is great for adding to your home office, too.

a lamp with a brushed nickel base and a white lampshade on a bedside table. there is a charging port at the base of the lamp


Promising review: “I love this lamp so much, I have bought five of them ! I love the built in USB charger! It frees up outlets for other things. Great quality lamp and a good size too. It looks beautiful in the living room and the bedroom with the French Country decor.” —Walmart Customer

Price: $16.84 (originally $19.99; available in three colors)


And a Conair handheld fabric steamer, because whether you are ironing out the kinks in a silk dress, or are looking to smooth out your favorite T-shirt, a steamer is the optimal way to iron clothes with minimal damage.

a blue and white conair steamer on an ironing board


Promising review: “Works fantastic, I bought alot of new clothes via the mail so everything came with lots of wrinkles. Even after washing, still tons of wrinkles. This steamer took them out very easily, made my new clothes look great!” —Bonnie

Price: $29.44 (originally $35)

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