31 Things From Walmart That'll Make Your Home Feel Bigger Than It Actually Is

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A storage couch that transforms into a bed and also has a handy compartment to store all your linens and pillows. Who even needs a guest room?

the tan couch with the storage area open


Price: $859+ (available in three colors)


A wooden mirror, because if there’s one thing I have picked up from my many hours of watching HGTV, it’s that a well-placed mirror always makes a space look bigger.

the wooden mirror next to a chair, plant, and books


Promising review: “This mirror is beautiful! I love it! It’s the right size for my apartment which is small but has high ceilings. It also fits my decor perfectly. So happy with my purchase.” —Carla

Price: $148.88


A leaning desk that can transform basically any empty corner into an office. Heck, the profile is so slim, you could probably set up an office in a hallway!

the ladder desk with a laptop and chair


Promising review: “It was really easy to put this desk together, which was an immediate win for me. It’s sturdy, looks just like the picture, and fits perfectly in the space I ordered it for. My neighbor took one look and decided to order one for herself!” —HappyCustomer

Price: $89


A three-tiered hanging basket to both free up some counter space and turn your apples and bananas into basically hanging art.

several fruits in the copper tiered baskets


Promising review: “I’m very pleased with my purchase. It looks very nice hanging in my kitchen. I use it for potatoes and onions. The copper color is nice, especially because it matches the knobs and hinges on my kitchen cabinets.” —TarynsMomMom

Price: $17.45


An accent chair because it’s deceptively small and perfect for those odd corners you don’t know what to do with. And worry not, it doesn’t feel small or uncomfortable when you sit on it!

the blue and white patterned chair in a decorated corner


Promising review: “This is so soft! I love the color, it’s not too dark at all. It comes as one piece so the back and seat are already together. Just screwed in the legs.” —alliwait

Price: $109+ (originally $150, available in three colors)


A set of curtains to add a sense of floaty airiness to your room, while blocking just the right amount of sunlight. Plus, if you hang them a little above your actual windows and let them fall to the floor, it’ll make your windows appear larger.

the orangey pink curtains in a living room


Promising review: “This is the best style of curtains ever. I have them on every window but the one in the kitchen.” —JayDig

Price: $11.97 (available in four colors)


A lift top coffee table that offers hidden storage, and a way more ergonomic way to WFH if your couch is still your office.

the dark wood coffee table in a living room


Promising review: “Okay, I absolutely love this coffee table. I’m a living room diner, love eating with a movie or show, and this coffee table is perfect as a table/desk. It’s extremely sturdy, I am happily surprised. The table holds up well to heavier items (laptop) and is very well made. It does not fold down without you pushing the top down so you needn’t worry about it being flimsy or your things potentially crashing down when you have the top extended. The storage inside is very nice, it’s a deep space and you can put plenty in there. This is great for small living spaces. We live in an apartment and this coffee table is the perfect size. Use coasters for your drinks!” —vivalamia

Price: $85.99 (originally $160, available in two colors)


Or a slim console table perfect for a skinny entryway, or even sliding behind a couch for some secret storage without the bulk of a larger table.

the black and white table with decorations


Promising review: “I loved that this table is not very deep. the size of it is perfect for my living room because I don’t have much room to spare but I still wanted to add a table behind my couch. It is sturdy, and easy to put together.” —Wiscomom

Price: $67.97+ (originally $132, available in nine colors)


A shelf lamp to both brighten up your space (which always makes it feel bigger) and add some unobtrusive storage. You could even use this as a side table, if there isn’t a ton of room left next to your couch or bed!

the lamp with a plant and photo on the shelves


Promising review: “The lamp is wonderful. The shelves are thin metal. They look thick because there’s an edge lip that comes down to make them look nicer. I was surprised at the quality feel vs. the look. It seems thin and cheap but it’s really not and we love it. Overall for the price I’m very happy.” —Crystal 

Price: $32.93+ (available with and without an LED lightbulb)


A wall-mounted media console if you have other ideas for the floor space under your TV, but still don’t want wires and boxes hanging around all willy nilly. Truly this is the best of both worlds.

the floating console in a living room


Promising review: “This is nicely designed, functional, and relatively easy to install (though it does take two fairly robust adults). We installed it below a wall-mounted LED TV for the external soundbar and bass unit. All the wires are hidden from view, mainly because of the design of this console. We love the gentle curve of the top edge, which prevents it from looking too boxy.” —DanTheMan

Price: $213.80+ (available in two colors)


A bed tray with foldable legs that make it function as a lap desk, a serving tray, and even a cute table for floor picnics. It’s a great way to extend the use of your space, and it folds away easily when you’re not using it.

the black tray with the legs extended


Promising review: “Bought two of these to use for breakfast (or work on the laptop) in bed, and they are wonderful. Bonus is that the feet fold down flat and so instead of storing them, they are on top of two ottomans in my large family room for use to put drinks/snacks/etc. Couldn’t have been more pleased. Great value too. Very inexpensive but you definitely can’t tell. Espresso color is lovely.” —supercinch

Price: $25.95 (originally $34.98)


A large rug to tie all the items in an area together, which is especially helpful if you’re trying to use a room for multiple purposes. A rug can help a living room/dining room or a bedroom/office look totally cohesive.

a blue and white rug in a living room setting


Price: $35.10+ (available in four colors and six sizes)


A canopy bed frame, because who says that having a small space means you shouldn’t also be able to feel like royalty every morning.

the gold bed made with grey linens


Promising review: ” I cannot believe that this bed frame fits in my small space as perfectly as it does. I was surprised when it was delivered in such a small box! The instructions were great, but it’s easier if two people build it together. It seems very sturdy and neat looking, and there is space under the bed to put small toys and boxes. I am very pleased with the design of this bed, and I highly recommend it.” —alemij

Price: $119.01+ (available in two sizes)


A metal and glass coffee table with an industrial feel from the metal, but lightness from the glass, so it’ll add a stylish touch without dominating the room.

the glass and metal table in a living room


Promising review: “This table is the perfect size for my intended basement area. I was pleasantly surprised as to the heaviness and sturdiness of the table. a great deal for the price.” —Faye

Price: $126.86+ (originally $207, available in two colors)


A makeup organizer perfect for, yes, makeup and brushes, but also a ton of other tiny things you need to keep organized and decluttered. I keep stationery and writing supplies in one, and I have my eye on another for hair accessories.

the clear drawer set with makeup


Promising review: “I bought this product to help me organize my makeup, and it works great! The side compartments are great for standing up brushes and mascara, and the clear look allows you to see where everything is. The drawers are roomy and can fit several things. So far, I love my purchase!” —Haley

Price: $19.21


A narrow cart with shelves on shelves of storage space, because everyone knows that loving to cook and not having enough counter space is its own particular form of torture.

the wheeled cart with wine and dishes


Promising review: “This is a high-quality cart! It was easy to put together and is very sturdy. It’s the perfect size for a kitchen island. I received many compliments at a recent party!” —Nadine

Price: $109 (originally $179)


An entryway storage valet that’ll corral that weird pile of shoes and umbrellas currently clogging the space right by your front door. Just getting all of that off the floor will make the entrance to your house seem so much more open and welcoming.

the entryway stand with shoes and a coat


Promising review: “I easily put this together in less than an hour. I have a coat or bag on each hanger and the unit holds it all well. The shelves are a nice place to organize gloves, hats, and scarves in bins, as well as the occasional pair of shoes. My daughters (5 and 2) can easily reach the hangers for their coats. I would definitely recommend this item.” —Kirrabismom

Price: $65.98


A bookcase headboard to basically eliminate the need for a nightstand. Your pile of books, your phone, that one abandoned drinking glass, and more can all fit with ease.

the cherry headboard with a bed made with blue linens


Promising review: “I can’t believe something so inexpensive could be so beautiful and durable! For a piece of furniture that is not solid wood, it sure gives the appearance of solid wood. It is also very heavy and not at all flimsy. I have already recommended this to my friends. It was pretty hard for me and my husband to assemble, but worth it.” —Koos

Price: $162+ (available in two sizes and two colors)


A fold-out dining room table that can also do double duty as a console, so you can slide it in and out of the way, depending on how you want to use it.

the wooden console folded out with dishes and wine bottles


Price: $363.52


A structural light fixture to bring in a ton of light and prevent your room from feeling like a cave that’s slowly closing in around you.

the industrial light fixture over a dining table


Promising review: “Installing this fixture is a super-easy way to make a room feel trendy and modern. I used this chandelier in my kitchen because it is both elegant and easy to match with other materials.” —Rose

Price: $89


A dresser with a small footprint but a ton of storage, so you’ll be able to put away plenty of tees and pants without feeling like your clothes are taking over your bedroom.

the light dresser next to a bed


Promising review: “I love the color and spacious drawers. This is the second one that I have purchased.” —Mary

Price: $279.98 


A storage ottoman perfectly sized to fit in a living room, an entryway, or even at the foot of a bed. We stan multipurpose storage.

the dark brown ottoman open in a living room


Promising review: “This is a wonderful storage ottoman. Great size, lightweight, comes fully assembled, great storage, covered hinges to protect fingers from getting pinched, easy to wipe clean. Goes with any decor.” —MomOf1SonInFL

Price: $48.24


A set of nesting tables so you can quickly modify your setup, depending on how much you need to set down or how much space you need to conserve.

the two tables partially un-nested with a plant and books on top


Promising review: “We purchased this set to use as an end table for our living room and absolutely love it! We’re buying a second set for the other side of the couch. They are the perfect size and height, and we love the lip around the tables so drinks or books will not slip off.” —Jennifer

Price: $99


A wood and metal garment rack perfect for organizing your existing closet so there’s no wasted space, or for keeping your clothes presentable if you live in a space without a closet.

the grey and wood rack with clothes in a closet


Promising review: “I bought this for my laundry room. It is a great fit! Just like anything you have to put together from a box, the assembly was a bit of a puzzle, but it was worth the effort. Great price, great look, and its functional!” —Cassie

Price: $69


A wall-mounted coat rack so you can hang coats, hats, scarves, and umbrellas, without wasting precious floor space.

the wooden rack with a scarf and an umbrella


Promising review: “Perfect painted up and hanging coffee cups on! saved me a little work making one from scratch!” —Meatmangary

Price: $11.34


A corner shelf organizer cute enough to put out on your counter but functional enough to also make space in your cabinet.

the silver organizer with white dishes


Promising review: “This corner shelf organizer is the perfect solution to a cabinet that has a lot of space between its shelves, causing you to stack one size dish upon another. The organizer is a good size, and as pictured will hold a full-size dinner plate. It is strong enough to put up to six dishes on each level of the organizer. I recommend the product if you have such a cabinet.” —karen

Price: $11.99+ (available in two colors)


A two-tier spice organizer so you can finally use all the spices in your cabinet, instead of just the same three in the front because you’re scared to upset the balance of the rest of it.

the white organizer with jars of spices


Promising review: “This was a great addition for my spice cupboard. I used it to organize my bottles extracts and it works great. I put it on the top shelf and can pull out the drawers easily and bring them down so I can access the items I want. Does not slip.” —Anthony

Price: $16.93


A small mid-century dining table for a breakfast nook, a tiny dining room, or basically anywhere that will give you a real eating space so you can stop having dinner on the couch.

the white table with a set of matching chairs


Promising review: “Simple mid-century modern look. Exactly what I was looking for. I have a small apartment and needed something small and it fit great.” —nicole

Price: $129


A wall mounted desk with major ~futuristic~ vibes, because if there’s anything houses of the future will have, it’s economic uses of space.

the white desk on a blue wall


Promising review: “My daughter loves it. It was a family affair putting it together, but it seems very stable. We definitely had to make sure to find the beams because it is heavy/sturdy.” —Parentofatoddler

Price: $141.79+ (available in two colors)


A corner cubby for a kid’s room, playroom, or anywhere with an awkward corner that could be used as an extra place to store books, toys, and more.

the cubby in a corner with toys and books


Promising review: “I love this! It’s the right height with enough shelves and was perfect for the corner it want in.” —christine

Price: $139.47+ (available in two colors)


An over-toilet space saver to provide a space for your towels, extra toilet paper, and more — and all without looking cluttered or messy.

the black storage shelf over a toilet


Promising review: “I was looking for a rack for my bathroom for the longest time and my boyfriend and I came across this. I put the whole thing together by myself it took me about an hour. I mean, it’s pretty simple when you follow the instructions. I definitely like it for my bathroom. We needed this extra storage badly with a small bathroom.” —CheChe01

Price: $19.84

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