31 Essential Kitchen Purchases From Target You Should Probably Stop Putting Off

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A self-sharpening knife set so your slices and dices will be just as beautiful as the rest of your kitchen. Plus the classy wooden storage block will merge beautifully with any decor.

a close up of the knives in the block


Price: $329.99


A Instant Pot because while I know they may seem overhyped, trust me, they are completely accurately hyped. They’re a lifesaver for quick dinners and set-it-and-forget-it basics.

the silver pot with macaroni and cheese


Promising review: “I don’t know why I was so resistant to getting one of these, it seemed like another fad and I was afraid it would just sit in my cabinet. It is so convenient to make all kinds of meals very quickly with minimal cleanup. You can sauté in it, use it as a slow cooker, a pressure cooker… If you had my same concerns, just go ahead and buy one.” —Target reviewer

Price: $89.99 (originally $99.99)


An iced coffee maker that brews in minutes, instead of overnight, so you should probably just keep this cutie on your counter at all times, in case an iced coffee emergency strikes.

the small grey coffee maker on a counter


Promising review: “For the price this is worth it. It’s not cold brew, but once the coffee is poured over ice it chills immediately. If you want stronger coffee you can add more grounds to the filter. I’ve played with the ratios of water and ice a bit so I can pour as much creamer and ingredients as I can. It works great! I’ve already saved money after the initial expense by not going to Starbucks and I’ve only had it a week!“—Target reviewer

Price: $34.99 (available in four colors)


A vacuum sealer to satisfy your deep Squirrel Storing Nuts For Winter impulses — just think of how much food you can stock up on with this thing!

a model sealing steaks with the food sealer


Promising review: “Great product! Not too big or bulky, works like a charm on meats that I bagged for freezing. I like the flexibility of creating whatever size bag you need.” —Target reviewer

Price: $164.99


A set of modern cotton kitchen towels because just replacing your old stained ones will give your kitchen such an immediate (and affordable) upgrade.

the gray striped towels on a counter and hanging on the edge of a sink


Promising review: “Love these towels! Large, soft, absorbent and so pretty. I got the aqua color and it adds a fresh look to my kitchen.”—Target reviewer

Price: $13 (for a set of five, available in five colors)


A bottle opener for both wine and beer to ensure you’re never stuck without one — these little things love to disappear, so even if you have one, you should probably get a backup.

the black and silver bottle opener


Promising review: “Can’t beat the price and does exactly what it’s supposed to.” —Target reviewer

Price: $1.50


A KitchenAid stand mixer – it’ll whip up cookies, cakes, bread, and more, and look darn cute while doing it. If you leave it out it’s basically a decorative kitchen accessory that also says, “Hey! I make really good treats!”

the mixer in ice blue on a counter with baking ingredients


Promising review: “I received this as a gift and I absolutely love it! Cakes, cookies, whatever you want, this mixer can do it! The speed settings are great and it’s extremely easy to operate. If you love baking this is a great investment!” —Target reviewer

Price: $379.99 (available in three colors)


A double basket air fryer because letting your chicken nuggets get all cold and sad while you wait for your fries to cook afterwards is basically a criminal offense.

a model opening the basket of the fryer with chicken and Brussels sprouts


Promising review: “This air fryer is awesome!! It works so well, and I’ve used it every day for a variety of dishes since I bought it. If you don’t have one, get one!” —Target reviewer

Price: $159.99 (originally $179.99)


A set of glass mixing bowls with lids that are sturdy enough to do any cooking job you can imagine, and classic enough that you can serve meals right out of them. Plus, you can just pop a lid on those leftovers and they turn into quick storage containers.

the bowls full of vegetables on a counter with blue, coral and sage green lids


Promising review: “Perfect sizes, lighter than my other glass mixing bowls, and washes very well. Would hand wash the lids. These are now my go-tos over my stainless steel bowls!”—Target reviewer

Price: $20 (for a set of four bowls and lids)


A countertop safe bakeware set so you can stop having to deal with trivets and kitchen towels to protect your countertops while your baked goods cool.

the silver set on a counter


Price: $119.99 (for the six piece set)


A salad spinner because nothing is sadder than a damp or dirty salad. And the spin is super satisfying, IMO.

a model pressing the spinner to spin it


Promising review: “This salad spinner really does the trick! I use it each time I’m preparing a salad and it gets as much water out of the washed veggies by each spin; it’s fun to use and efficient at the same time!” —Target reviewer

Price: $30.99


A big solid wood salad bowl so that every time you look at it you can imagine being the kind of person who serves beautiful salads at a dinner party, whether or not you actually make the salads.

the acacia wood bowl full of salad


Promising review: “Love it! Nice and deep bowl for a family salad for six with leftovers. Looks like more expensive bowls.”—Target reviewer

Price: $33.49


An enameled Dutch oven you’ll want to put in pride of place, so everyone will know about all the *serious cooking* you’ve been doing in this beauty.

the red dutch oven on a stove


Promising review: “Great quality for price! Sturdy and easy to clean.”—Target reviewer

Price: $99.99


An expandable drawer organizer so you can bring order to the chaos of your drawers, no matter what size they are.

the tan bamboo organizer


Promising review: “Looks great. Strong and sturdy. Love the fact they expand. Used them in wide drawers as well as narrow ones.” —Target reviewer

Price: $20


An industrial-style rolling utility cart that you can use as a microwave cart, a kitchen island, or just extra storage — the cart is your oyster.

the black metal mesh and wood top cart with dishes and appliances


Promising review: “Gave a really nice touch to the apartment. I have my air fryer on top, my microwave on the second shelf, and wines at the very bottom. Easy to build. Took about half and hour with my husband and me.”—Target reviewer

Price: $69.99


A nonstick cooling rack because we’re rapidly approaching Holiday Cookie Season and there’s nothing worse than a cookie with a dark bottom because it sat in the pan for too long.

the silver rack with three cookies


Promising review: “This cooling rack served me so well I went and bought a second! The nonstick coating hasn’t failed me yet and it comes clean easily.” —Target reviewer

Price: $9


An anti-fatigue kitchen mat so doing the dishes doesn’t have to be quite so hard on your feet, knees or back (or all three). And it’ll pull the whole room together to boot.

the brown gingham mat in front of a sink


Promising review: “I have issues with plantar fasciitis, and my doctor recommended an anti-fatigue mat to help when I’m on my feet in the kitchen. I am super happy with this pad. In fact, I bought another one to go with it. They are very comfortable, easy to clean, and the buffalo pattern goes great in my kitchen. I did have to put some grippers on the bottom because they slip a bit, but now they’re perfect! Highly recommend!”—Target reviewer

Price: $30.99 (available in two sizes and two colors)


A gravy boat because if it’s your first time hosting Thanksgiving this year, the last thing you want is to have a beautiful meal prepared and realize you don’t have anything for the gravy.

the white gravy boat on a counter


Promising review: “This gravy boat is huge! But it is beautiful and exactly what I was hoping for, and you can’t beat the price. It added the beautiful, clean, and sleek aesthetic I was hoping for our table at Thanksgiving.” —Target reviewer

Price: $6


A cast-iron skillet great for cooking both indoors and outdoors. If you keep up the seasoning it’ll basically last forever, and the natural sheen it’ll develop looks elegant and effortless. Plus, it only gets more beautiful with age — like you!

a row of the cast iron skillets on a grill


Promising review: “I own several cast iron pots and pans and needed a larger skillet. The Lodge 12-inch skillet is perfect for frying chicken or other items that need room. The pre-seasoning made it ready to use upon arrival and it cleans easily with water and a brush, a coating of oil and a wipe with a paper towel and it is ready to store for the next use.” —Target reviewer

Price: $29.90


A stainless-steel trash can to neaten up your garbage area and make it look a little more presentable. Plus, the snug fitting top will hopefully keep the odors inside the can, where they belong.

the silver trash can


Promising review: “These are great trash cans at a great price. I purchased two, one for trash and one for recycling. They are a perfect size, and it is very easy to remove and replace the trash bags. I also love that they wipe off easily without leaving streaks or finger prints. Very happy with this purchase.” —Target reviewer

Price: $55 (available in two colors)


A glass kettle that lights up different colors as it boils. It’s like watching a little laser show as you make your afternoon beverage — worth it even without the improvement in your coffee and tea.

the kettle lit up blue


Promising review: “We absolutely LOVE this kettle. Great value for the cost!!! I have one in my office, one at home, and I just ordered a third for my dad for Christmas. If you love tea or French Press coffee and want a solid, easy to use kettle, this is it! Easy instructions, easy set up, and easy color to temperature guide for whatever you are brewing. Never believed the temperature made a difference in tea until I tried this kettle. Will NEVER go back to a stove top kettle.” —Target reviewer

Price: $39.99


A rolling fridge caddy for a fridge that’s as organized as one of those ones in the very satisfying TikToks. (Okay, probably not, but it’s a start, yes?)

the caddy with some sauces in a fridge


Promising review: “These are so great to get to the stuff in the back of the fridge easily. My husband was bothered by the bins UNTIL he realized they rolled out. Now he likes them, too.” —Target reviewer

Price: $14.99


A set of nested measuring cups and spoons that are magnetic so you’ll never lose one in a drawer. Plus, their chic gradient colorway will prevent them from looking dingy, even after years of use.

the nested set of blue and grey cups


Promising review: “These are my absolute favorite kitchen utensils! I bought the same one in red for my mother-in-law and the blue for myself! They are magnetic and so convenient.” —Target reviewer

Price: $19.99 


A food processor because it makes everything from making dough to grating carrots a million percent easier. Your arms will thank you.

the food processor surrounded by pizza ingredients


Promising review: “Great food processor. Nice size for limited space but still can handle big jobs.” —Target reviewer

Price: $79.99 (available in three colors)


A slow cooker that’s programmable and transportable, so you can set it up to do just what you want, wherever you want.

a model making stew in the white slow cooker


Promising review: “I bought this as a gift for my daughter’s birthday and she loves it. It’s programmable, that takes the worry out of trying to remember when you turned it on and how long you’d have to watch it. I loved the price.” —Target reviewer

Price: $39.99


A pair of kitchen shears to give your knives a run for their money — I wouldn’t debone a chicken or cut herbs any other way.

a model using the red scissors on a bunch of green onions


Promising review: “Affordable and I was able to cut through my chicken bones. Definitely buy!” —Target reviewer

Price: $10.99


A set of nonslip stainless mixing bowls that’ll let you whip to your heart’s content without worrying about your bowl sliding down (or off!) the counter.

the three silver bowls with two eggs and a wisk


Promising review: “Great value. Sturdy and nonskid! SOMEONE in my house brought chips in the medium bowl to a party and they never returned, so this is a replacement set. I’ve looked elsewhere, but this is too good a value to pass up!” —Target reviewer

Price: $20 (for the set of three bowls)


A set of silicone pot holders with a lobster claw-esque design that’s way easier to maneuver than a thick, traditional oven mitt.

the grey potholders on a baking sheet


Promising review: “Purchased a set for a young family member (chef-in-the-making); was impressed with ease of use, so purchased another for myself.” —Target reviewer

Price: $6


A silicone baking mat that’ll have you saying, “Parchment paper who?” as you slide your baked goods easily on to a plate.

the tan mat with black edges


Promising review: “I have really enjoyed using this instead of parchment or foil when lining trays. Nothing sticks to this; Even if a sauce gets on it I set it in the bottom of my sink while I wash other dishes, and by the time I’m done the sauce slips right off.” —Target reviewer

Price: $8


A stoneware butter dish so you can keep a small amount of butter at the perfect spreadable temperature without worrying about it picking up any ambient dirt (or kitty footprints).

the butter dish next to bread and a small pot of jam


Promising review: “Such a pretty butter dish!! Looks so much nicer on my counter than others I’ve had. Good quality.” —Target reviewer

Price: $12


A Ninja blender that should get anything purée-able in your kitchen shaking — once you start blending with this beast, you won’t be able to stop.

the blender on a counter with several smoothies and a model in the background


Promising review: “YES YES YES The power, texture of frozen drinks, amazing. This is the best blender I have ever had. I am a Ninja fan already but this IQ version is top line. Definitely get yourself one. I also love that everything but the base is dishwasher-safe.” —Target reviewer

Price: $199.99

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