Chrissy Teigen Shared A Genius Pandemic-Era Beauty Hack And I Can't Wait To Try It

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Don’t ever accuse Chrissy Teigen of not being able to multitask! Yes, she’s a mom, model, and cookbook author, but she also knows how to maximize her beauty routine with time-saving hacks. Remember when she started the trend of in-flight sheet masks?

Well, she’s got more genius beauty tips in her arsenal. Case in point: wearing a Bioré Original Deep Cleansing Pore Strip underneath her face mask.

Now this isn’t Teigen’s first time at the pore strip rodeo, she’s been a fan of them for years. In 2018, she even narrated her Bioré pore strip journey—in a slightly creepy way.

“I like to pull these off, slowly, and then tilt them towards the light so I can see each little mountain, each tiny mountain. And then I like to take my finger and brush the blackheads to the side so I can see their length,” she said. GULP. (JK, actually totally relate.)

BRB, gonna buy some pore strips!



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