Here Are 16 Really, Really Nice And Good Things That Happened This Week

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Alice Yoo / BuzzFeed


This week, a geologist unearthed the ***VERY RARE*** Cookie Monster Geode!!!!!!!!

My kind of news day:

“Geologist Finds Rare Formation Inside Rock That Looks Exactly Like Cookie Monster on Sesame Street”

Twitter: @jackiantonovich


This sweetness basked in her own heavenliness!!!

Twitter: @brihindthescene


This kitters did *NOT* enjoy J.Lo’s inauguration ad-libs:

My cat when JLo broke into “Let’s get Loud” 😂

Twitter: @sarahkaplan48


This bowl was just so cute and perfect that everything else somehow felt okay too???

Good news guys—I found the cure to depression. It’s this bowl.

Twitter: @kaitfeldmann


This queen GOT 👏 HER 👏 EIGHT 👏 COPIES!!!!!!!!!! 👏

Twitter: @bee_manoharan1


These two napped together ever so perfectly!!!!!!

can we talk about my dog and charmander taking a nap together

Twitter: @dahlia_kills


This cat parent taught the importance of opposable thumbs:

Twitter: @Haggazussa


This kid modeled his latest purchase:

my little brother spends his allowance on the WILDEST shit….& he refuses to get out of my doorway

Twitter: @siaxcvii


This bear looked like they’ve seen some shit, but they have a teddy bear so it’s okay!!! 😌💕

Twitter: @angelshwty


We were cursed with the image that is Pancake Cat™:

“I bet it would be funny to put a pancake on my cats face”…

2 minutes later “JESUS CHRIST!”

Twitter: @shadow_kylie


Someone had a bad case of Deer in the Rear™:

sorry my cars such a mess u can just put them in the back

Twitter: @loveangelb4by


These two dueled:

these anime sword fighters are getting out of hand

Twitter: @ItsSlyGuy


It was the simple joys, really…:

i put eyes on the cat’s bed and could not be happier with the result

Twitter: @HeyitsTowler


This family showed off their strong genes!!!!!!!!!!!

Twitter: @xhejabi


These two enjoyed their ✨SPINACH HATS✨:

Twitter: @virtuallykingg


And lastly, this husband found new ways to keep the spark going:

I can’t believe I married someone of the male species. Look at the shit I have to deal with.

Twitter: @hollyciacci


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