Netflix Just Dropped A First Look At "Shadow And Bone," And I Can't Wait To Yell About This Adaptation

[ad_1] As a book nerd, one of my favorite TV and movie genres is book-to-screen adaptations. I literally can’t get enough of them. BBC Three / Hulu So, you can imagine my excitement over Netflix’s highly-anticipated book-to-TV adaptation of Shadow and Bone, which is based on Leigh Bardugo’s bestselling Grishaverse novels. View this photo on […]

Paul Bettany Just Teased Some "WandaVision" Details And I Can't Wait For The Next Episode

[ad_1] It’s true: We just can’t get enough WandaVision. Disney+ / Marvel Studios / courtesy Everett Collection So far, the first season of Marvel’s trippy sitcom-palooza on Disney+ has been hilarious, intense, and bewildering — and according to Paul Bettany (who plays Vision, if you’ve been living under a Marvel-sized rock), it only gets more […]

Thirsty People Are Sharing Their Biggest Christmas Movie Crushes And I Can't Help But Agree

[ad_1] Recently, we asked members of the Buzzfeed Community which characters from Christmas movies they found attractive. Here are some of the best suggestions: 1. Hugh Laurie as Steven Claus in Arthur Christmas. Sony Pictures Releasing “Aardman had no business making a cartoon so hot! My lust for Steve is well documented, and he definitely […]