the world cup.

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football is game that unites the country,club and is the engine room for grass root development in helps to bring out the best in is very rewarding and profitable as well.because it is a revenue earner for the country and as a sport is the business that employs people in the industry and helps to nurture young talents that are upcoming.competitions are held in which prospective candidates are selected to play for the national team they are tested on their skills and competence.they are made to go rigorous training to ensure their fitness for the game.
and changes are made to replace them when they are injured as well.the game of football is conducted by a global body called fifa.the acronym fifa stands for federation of international football association this is a body charged with the responsibility of conducting world cup qualifers for countries in order to prepare them for the world cup.each countries are paired in various groups preliminaries draws are held to determine which countries are selected to compete against each other it is done in a transparent manner without bias.
the game of football is subjected to scrutiny and objectivity to make the game pleasurable for spectators to involves the seven continents of the world.the world cup is held every four years in order to prepare countries to prepare for the game.many countries arrive at the venue and are taken to their rooms where they are booked to lodge there during the world cup duration.
it is also a medium for which marketers advertise their products and services to the well as sell tickets to people to watch the world cup.
but the world cup brings a feeling of excitement and nostalgia for watch various teams play.the referees are stationed to officiate the match.and award free kick if a player commits an is viewed live across the world.for people to see.
the cheer leaders unveil the logo of fifa with inscription for the game for the world for spectators to see countries say the national anthem to the people.after which the countries shake each other for the game to commence.the game last for 120 mins.first half is 45mins.while the second half is 45mins making it a situation where by a team fail to score they play for another 30mins.first half is 15mins while that of second half is 15 mins.if a team scores in the first half it is over.but if a team scores in the second half it is over.but if no goal is scored in the first and second half.penalty kick is decided after which players are made to play.if a team misses two goals the winner is decided.

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