economic and financial crimes.

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these have being an issue in countries for some time it affects the image of countries negatively in bad light as a result of financial crimes.another name for it is advanced fee is carried out by fraudulent people in countries where it thrives.where no one suspects them at all.they dupe innocent people into luring them to invest in business ventures that they do not own or that is not profitable at all.they recruit fake people to pose as their bodyguards and business partners giving them fake identification cards.

they go into this business because they feel it will give them quick money as a way to escape from poverty,hunger and malnutrition.e.t.c.they were once traders who had businesses that were flourishing.they had contacts,but due to their carelessness they were duped they lost everything that they was very painful for them.that was what made them to go into this advanced fee fraud business.

many are caught and prosecuted in the court of law.they are sentenced to life imprisonment with no option of fine.their properties are forfeited as compensation to people they have is alarming hearing people going into this business it beats one’s imagination.
financial crimes are very complex crimes in the sense that when people are arrested more will join the is imperative to fight this menace it does no one any brings sorrow to their families and friends.therefore all hands must be on deck to fight this crime.

the people that engage in this crime are public office holders,businessmen.e.t.c.

to fight this menace a lot of measures have to be taken:

1.anti graft agencies must strengthen their fight against financial crimes.
2.offenders arrested and prosecuted in the law court.
3.mass media awareness on financial crimes.
4.the scourge of financial crimes must be fought with goodwill and a sense of purpose and understanding.
5.public office holders who have committed financial crimes must not be allowed to hold public office. agencies must collaborate with anti graft agencies for the fight against financial crimes to receive a boost.

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