the use of social media in advertising.

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social media is a tool for which businesses market and advertise their products and services to the public and customers to show them what they have to offer,what is in it for them,what they stand to benefit by patronising is what facilitates trade and commerce around the world.without which businesses cannot survive without is the engine for marketers to market products for companies by going to customers telling them what they can benefit from the products which they buy is the business of the 21st century.also it aids trade among member is important in every sphere of our lives because it is a medium through which people communicate with one another and air their views.
social media makes businesses to go boosts revenues for companies and is also a medium through which friendship is made possible.because we chat with our loved ones and families as media it is the medium of advertising products for people to see and make enquiries and purchase orders through this medium.
because the world is a global village,which makes communication easier and is also a medium through which orders are received instead of through vehicles which takes tedious process for them to arrive,it takes hours for them to arrive.but with social media people can receive their goods in less hours without stress.
the benefits of advertising is significant in all sectors like film making people can make their movies in celluloid through which movies are made and premiered for the public to see and be excited.
also in tourism sector it gives people the opportunity to book places they have not seen and want to be there.also in football,matches are being watched and advertised.
so the benefit of social media is important in the area of politics for politicians and the masses to air their views on issues affecting the country and what can be done to address them.
also in the banking sector,in the use of atms through which funds can be through from one person to another,also from one bank to helps banks to make policies affecting the customers in the area of enquiries and queries.

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