kidnappers of the president

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disclaimer! this is purely a work of fiction, any resemblance of characters, places and events to places or anyone living or dead is not unintended. hope you enjoy the story.
the movie,kidnappers of the president is about a story about a kidnap of a sitting president. we see such things happening in true life in many countries of the world. this brings to life one of those moments in history when the president and commander in chief gets missing..
this is a blockbuster movie in the sequel of airforce one,executive decision and many others.this is a story that talks about a president being kidnapped at the airport on his way for business talks in canada. a group of hijackers in the plane pose as passengers at the airport on boarding the plane they were checked in by security personnel at the airport with their security gadgets in order to avoid terror attacks in the country.
it stars john dove,nancy coleman,danny chester,kerry white,robert miller,angela white,and a host of others in the movie.
the cast in the order
john dove-as the president
nancy coleman-as the wife of the president
kerry white-the president’s wife
danny chester-bodyguard
robert miller-hijacker
angela white-hijacker
others-as extras in the movie

john dove is the president of america a committed husband and father is married to nancy dove and has a daughter kerry dove.they live in a two bungalow building and have bodyguards,at their service whenever they need assistance.
they work in the white house with cabinet members at their service and have a duty to defend the citizens against terrorist attacks.
the navy,the army and airforce also are responsible to the president at all times.the senate and house of representatives procure bills needed for the upliftment of the citizenry and passes the bill for the president to sign into law.
the president’s daughter kerry dove is a highschool student attended new york high school in the city.there are children of prominent people in the school as well.with funny children that make school students to laugh.

the teachers are dedicated to moral upbringing of the students in order for them to attain the best education possible.
kerry dove is 22 years old the only child of john and nancy dove.she does not like bullies,she is not proud bu very humble and like to make friends with poor and rich children alike.she is down to earth and willing to assist others who are in need.she is also intelligent as well.her friends are shirley cole,chloe drewman and florence gartner who are children of average families.they are slightly older than her.
the teachers like her because she is good in some subjects and willing to learn and be disciplined.the school has a population of 80 students along with the principal,50 teachers who are equipped in various subjects as well as a janitor,a gateman and a security guard at the school.
the students mix with one another in order to improve on their mental abilities in order to devlop mentally,physically and emotionally.

when it is time to go home their parents come to pick them,pick up,ask them what they learnt,meet the teachers exchange pleasantries with them and go.
kerry on the otherhand,the bodyguards pick her at the school in a black jeep with security guards to ensure her safety and convey her to see her parents at the white house in a presidential style.
she does not allow the affluence of her parents to get into her head she reads a lot and inquires about some things in order to gain knowledge.
before she departs she greets her friends and teachers on getting to the whitehouse she is escorted to where her parents are.she is happy to see them and exchanges greetings with them in the presence of security guards.
danny chester the bodyguard is reserved and dedicated to duty very focused and hardworking as well and alert at all times.the president’s daughter likes him because of that.
he is strong,muscular and athletic  he is 27 years old and skillful.
kerry is given a presidential treat at the whitehouse alongside her parents and guests there.they are a happy family indeed.
the whitehouse or the pentagon houses the president’s office,vice president’s office,the two first lady’s offices,as well as offices of the cabinet members working with the president.
the parliament building of congressman and congresswoman not far from the whitehouse.the whitehouse is security fenced against terrorists who would want to gain entry into the oval office of the president with the intention of assasinating him.
back home the residence of the president is fenced with security gadgets in and around the house for security.cameras are everywhere around the house.
guards are at their duty post to defend the house.
robert miller and angela white are hijackers who want to kidnap the president for financial gain and terrorise the passengers on the plane.
the plane the president rides on airforce one.he is accompanied on the plane by security guards to protect him during his visit as well.
on the day the president along with his wife and daughter aboard the plane for a family vaccation to canada .something happened at first they were screened at the security counter by security guards using security gadgets with their lugagges and bagagges screned.their guards too screened and cleared.the president’s daughter came with some of her friends at the airport they were excited about spending the holiday in canada.other passengers were screened and cleared as well.
robert miller and angela white were also at the airport along with some of their partners in crime.they had planned how to kidnap the president held his family as well.they were armed with guns and ammunitions too.
the president,his wife,daughter and everyone were on the flight when it took off.there were three co-pilots that took charge of the flight.the hostesses entertain the passengers with lunch to feed their bellies as well.
not long ago as the flight was on the hijackers robert miller and angela white shot at everyone in the air telling them not to scream or else they will die.the presiden,his wife and child were held hostage along with her friends too.some of the security guards were shot as they were caught up in a cross-fire with the hijackers and died on the spot.except for danny chester who went to the toilet to take cover to tell the whitehoue on what happened.he was attacked by one of the hijackers.who told him to put his hand on his head,on doing that,danny chester disarmed the man,knock him off balance took the gun from him.pointed the gun at him and told him to lead him to the of the hijackers pointed a gun at the president,his wife,daughter and everyone on the plane.
on danny chester escorting one of the hijackers.the leader of the hijackers robert miler shot some of the passengers he spotted danny chester pointing a gun at one of the hijackers and went to take cover at the pilot exit.
the pilots too were also told to land by the hijackers one of them disobeyed,the hijackers and was killed on the spot,while the pilot and co-pilot complied.meanwhile the whitehouse was briefed on what happened and was preparing for a rescue mission to combat the hijackers.danny chester took exit from the plane and was aided by security guards and briefed them on what happened.while some of the passengers remained in the plane along with the president,his wife and daughter.
the hijackers wanted money from the president to escape.he denied their request in exchange for $50m.robert miller,angela white and other hijackers were holding passengers hostage and killing them every minute until their demands was met.
the hijackers contacted washington requesting for $50m the pentagon security chiefs demanded to speak to the president which was granted and he spoke to them telling them to give them $50m.he was interrupted by robert miller,and told them what they demanded.
danny chester requested for some men to escort him to the plane with some guns and ammunitions and asked them not to send them money which was granted.
danny chester and his men entered the plane quietly when the hijackers were holding passengers hostage.they shot at them and engaged them in a combat and died on the spot until they were few left about five of them.danny chester found his way through the pilot exit door telling the pilot and co-pilot to keep calm.
the hijackers heard gunshots and went to know what was going on and where shot on the spot and died.
danny chester headed to where the president,his wife and daughter as well as passengerswere being held by robert miller and angela white.
they exchanged combat and fought.
danny chester fought with robert miller and fought real hard.danny gave robert a jab in the face and disarmed him of his gun till they rolled on the floor.robert grabbed danny by the chest and hit hard really hard on the back.he fell on the floor half soon as robert was about to hit danny he was hit by danny,danny kick him out of the plane and and as for angela whait was knocked unconsciuosly by the president who was freed alonside his wife and daughter by danny chester and his team.angela white was arrested.
he was commended for his bravery and was made a top member of the army.he married kerry and lived happily ever after.a low key wedding with the president,his wife and his cabinet members.along side friends and family.

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