relationship,love and marriage.

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relationship is the coming together of people from various backgrounds,races,culture and could be for business,religious and other is the union of men and women with a view to understand each other their background where they are from,their parents and siblings,it helps to strengthen the bond of friendship and help to know what the other partner behaves,his or her likes and dislikes,it can last for as much as six months or a year depending on the relationship duration.

love is a part of the is a feeling of emotions pertaining to sexual relationship between a man and a is what makes the world go round and makes the union to be strenghtened as can be a good thing and a bad thing depending on who is involved.a good thing as in finding someone who understands you for who you are and what you stand for and represent.

a bad thing in the case of someone taking advantage of you for financial gain and duping you.posing to be someone they are not.if the issue of love and relationship is handled very well they will help marriages to be strengthened and the issue of divorce cases to be less and easy for marriage counselors to handle as well.
marriage on the other hand,is a union or solemnization between a man and a woman with the purpose of taking their marriage vows,being faithful to one another and to bear children.

but a lot of problems have arisen as a result of people not be sincere and honest to one another.let us take a look at some of these problems:
1.lies:a lot of men and women have lied to themselves in order for them to be together they can go to any length to lie for their partners,parents and siblings,in order for them not to find out the truth about them.when the truth is found out they run away or even start confessing for what they did to their partners because they are afraid of losing them.
2.murder:a lot of men have being involved in murders just for their woman not to find out and kill to cover their tracks for their partners not to know what happened.they become jealous to the point of killing who

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