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HostPaddy is a web hosting company created with the sole aim of offering quality web hosting services at a relatively lower cost. we aim to create an avenue where everyone can afford a website. our team offers you a 24/7 Support, taking down the barrier that most website and web business owners face whereby they would have to wait for hours and days to get their problems resolved.
We offer different hosting packages, such that no matter the size of your pocket, there would always be a place for you on HostPaddy.
We also sell domains at a relatively lower cost, to make it easier for anyone to afford their own domain and website. Our hosting plans come with a full featured Cpanel, with free SEO tools, serch engine submission, free ssl, and much more.
For those who intend to Start their own hosting company via reseller hosting, we offer different reseller plans at a low cost, with free domains to enable you easily start off. Our support is there always to help you out all times.
we also offer:

dedicated servers, virtual private hosting,Cloud hosting
website design
Android App Development
Professional Graphics
Free consultancy services
and much more!
Everything we do is geared at getting your businesses and brands to the promised land.
your satisfaction is​ our motivation
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