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‘-24-year-old Joshua Traylor drowned while heroically trying to save his girlfriend’s son who had Mistakenly fallen into a river

-This young man could not swim but jumped in anyway because of the love he had for the child and his girlfriend.

-A nearby fisherman saved the young boy but Traylor tragically did not surface

A 24-year-old man in Michigan, US died while heroically trying to save his girlfriend’s three-year-old son who had fallen into the Clinton River on Sunday, April 9.

Traylor was with his girlfriend when the tragic incident occurred.
Traylor was feeding ducks with his girlfriend and her young son on a boardwalk along the river when the boy accidentally fell in. Despite being unable to swim, Traylor did not hesitate to jump into the river. We still don’t know what he was thinking, but we are sure it was the doing of LoveLove.

A nearby fisherman reportedly saved the young boy. However, Traylor tragically did not surface, and efforts by his girlfriend, who jumped into the water in an attempt to find him, were unsuccessful.
Emergency rescuers were called in but it was only 45 minutes later that they were able to retrieve Traylor’s body. A local rescue team chief, Mark Hoskin, said: “We were able to locate the body using our underwater camera and a diver went in and was able to locate him and bring him to shore”

Traylor’s girlfriend who became so emotionally destabilized shared a heartbreaking message on social media paying tribute to Traylor: “I love you so much baby… you saved our baby I know you loved him like he was your own. You saved him he is still here on this earth because of you. You’re truly my hero, I can’t take this.  It isn’t fair”

The question is how many people can still do this today. Isn’t it ironic that this news is coming on a Good Friday. The day Jesus also gave his life for us.

Love is sacrificial. That is one of the major characteristics of Love. Live with love from today, that way the world becomes a better place.

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