What's A Storyline On A TV Show That Totally Ruined A Character's Development?

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Sometimes when you’re a fan of a TV character a storyline starts that makes you EXTREMELY disappointed in them.

Garfield watching tv


For example, maybe you loved Haley on Modern Family but hated that she got back with Dylan and got pregnant because you felt it ruined all the progress and growth she made during the show.

Haley and Dylan at her sonogram appointment


Or maybe you watched Insecure and hated how Molly acted during her riff with Issa in Season 5 because you felt she became too petty, selfish, and stubborn.

Molly telling Issa off at the block party


Or perhaps you were a Gleek but you couldn’t stand Blaine once he was dating Dave Karofksy because you thought it was incredibly messed up and insensitive of him to date his ex’s bully.

Dave and Blaine cuddling in the back of a truck


Tell us what storyline from a TV show completely ruined a character and WHY. You could be featured in an upcoming BuzzFeed Community post or video!


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