what girls need to know about dating guys.

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relationship involves the union between two or more people.it entails relating with one another,knowing each other’s like and dislikes.and learning from each other background.guys are everywhere they are found in offices,schools,entertainment,e.t.c.guys are opinion minded they like to hang out with their friends and loved ones and like to be in their company a lot.guys are free minded and want to be their own boss.they are not hard to get.girls who want to know guys must bear in mind that they should be specific about the kind of guys that they want because not all that glitters is gold.
they need to spend time with them to know what they want.in order to avoid offending them.they should understand that they can get the kind of guys they want like having a guy that is tall,handsome,fair and wealthy.e.t.c.some guys especially those from good background are poor and are industrious and do not pretend to be who they are not.they are focused and hardworking.and are not afraid to show it.they can go to any length to support their families.
girls should be courteous in their manners when dating guys and should carry themselves very well like being considerate when guys are honest about themselves and are hardworking.they should go after guys that represent their interest.and are sincere.and want to earn a decent living.
they are guys that are pompous.especially the rich ones who are not well cultured and like to harass guys that are not well to do.girls should look out for guys that truly love them and spend time with them that is what they want.
some guys head their true identity because they are loving for true love from ladies who have their interest at heart and want to be with them.
some things girls must have in mind when dating guys:
1.guys want ladies that are decently dressed.
2.ladies that are independent.
3.ladies that are not rude and arrogant.
4.ladies that are not bossy.
5.ladies that are not nosy.
having these in mind i believe that this will go a long way in strenghtening relationship.

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