Unizik students go on a ” wild and violent” celebration over Buhari’s rumoured death

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Some hours ago, in the university campus of Nnamdi Azikiwe university Awka,a very loud cry rent the air.This was echoed by similar cries that echoed far beyond the Ifite environs.

“Buhari is dead!!!!” Was the cry.
This was echoed many more times and Boy’s from the university Hostels went into a wild jubilation. War cries rent the air,and men snatched up

bottles,containers and any objects that came within reach and raised the cry.
O naago! o naago!! (He’s gone! He’s gone!!) Rent the air.The other people who heard the noise without waiting to confirm upon hearing “Buhari” and death joined the array.And the troop matched to the female hostels where the girls raised a cry of jubilation that shook the ground.Many snatched up their pots and cutleries and Hughes the tempo of the jubilation.

At this point the crowd got uncontrollable, all the resident university staff could do was come out and stare.The security men at this point put down their arms and watched as the “future leaders” celebrated what they believed to be the end of “Buharism”
The boys spurred by the solidarity from the female students got wild and began to smash things.They matched down to the popular Emalda hostel where the jubilation hit its peak.
The rumour of the President’s death has been circulating for days now. Aso Rock Villa has deliberately kept the people in the dark on the health condition of the “General”
But the question now is,why are they celebrating?

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