Arab terrorist fire attacks: Break the Sabbath and stop the terrorists! ~ Rabbi

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Israel. Small but mighty
The state of Israel from the beginning of time has always been under oppression. From the Philistines and Assyrians of old to the modern Arabs terrorists of today.Lately wildfires have been taken up by the terrorists as the latest weapon.
In the City of Haifa,the third largest in Israel,About 80,000 people have been adviced to run for their lives to escape the raging fire that rode on strong wind .
The question now is,do they have to break the Sabbath to stop the terrorists?
Rabbi Eliyahu says the Sabbath should be not be an impediment stopping the arsonists.
Eliyahu believes that if the permission had been introduced earlier, the cities of Beit Me’ir, Carmiel and Haifa“would have been spared from this disaster”.“I hope that the chief of staff and the police commissioner will give clear instructions to soldiers and police officers and citizens drawn from the fact that the fires have not finishd, and it is their responsibility,”he added,according to Ynetnews.
Another Rabbi however was of the opinion that the fire was a divine punishment on the state for delaying to pass the regulation bill.
Rabbi Elyakim Levanon,another leading religious figure, is sure that the fires are divine punishment sent by God, who is unhappy that the Regulation bill aimed at legalizing outposts in the West Bank, has not been passed yet.“The day that the decision is taken that can’t be gotten around with legal wrangling, that very daythe rains of blessing will begin to fall,”Levanonsuggested, according to Jerusalem Post.

Israel’s Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu blamed “arsonist terrorism” for the blaze.More than 80,000 people were forced to leave their homes and rush from Haifa while authorities struggle to bring the fire under control. It has been spreading especially quickly due to dry weather and strong winds.“I want to say as clearly as possible, any fire caused by arson, or by incitement to arson, is terrorism, and we will deal with it accordingly. That is my directives to the security services – we will deal with all acts of lawlessness. Anyone who tries or will try to burn parts of Israel will be punished with all severity,”Netanyahu told a press-conference in Haifa, according to The Jerusalem Post.
Now which man would wake up and find his house under severe fire attack and not break the Sabbath to stop it and defend his house??

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