Top Lessons Learnt From Tom and Jerry

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As kids, what joy it was to watch the cute little antics of Tom and Jerry! This cartoon series was a routine. More than being obvious rivals, Tom and Jerry were amazing friends too, who taught us a lot of things. Here are reasons why we think Tom and Jerry were more than just cartoons!

1. Size does NOT matter
Being judgmental is not really a good thing. Never underestimate your opponent only because you think they are powerless. You may be wrong, after all!


2. Be a team
Yes, there would be endless fights between Tom and Jerry but they would make an effort to unite and stand up against their common enemy.


3. Sharing is caring
You always fight with those you sincerely care about. The bitter-sweet relationship of Tom and Jerry taught us why life is meaningless without a partner to share moments of fun and laughter with.


4. Flirt right
Trust our dearest cat to give you a lesson or two on how to impress a woman on your first date itself!


5. Failure is the pillar of success
Jerry, the smart mouse is an inspiration for all. He never surrenders, nor falls prey to Tom’s traps. His intelligence and determination are enough to defeat the forever-conspiring cat. Never give up without trying!


6. Be confident even in crisis
Do not lose hope even at the gravest of situations. Stay strong!


7. Friendship is the best gift ever
No matter where you go, what you do, keep your friendship alive. Jerry could never see Tom suffer and vice-versa. A friend in need is a friend indeed.


8. Happiness is the key
Cherish all those little joys life has to offer. Do not make the mistake of letting go of opportunities. Togetherness is the seed of happiness. Preserve what you have before you regret its loss!


9. Build trust
Have faith and trust in your loved ones at all times. Just because they are miffed with you does not mean they won’t come back. Do not let them go easily from your life!

10. Don’t let the spark disappear
Celebrate what you have, dance and make merry. Worry less, let go and live for the moment. Carpe diem!


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