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What is Temptation?

According to the oxford dictionary,it can refer to f t


2 tempted.

  1. Something attractive, tempting orseductive; an inducement orenticement.
  2. Pressure applied to your thinkingdesigned to create wrong emotionswhich will eventually lead to wrongactions.

You’ll find out by yourself at the end of this series, what you can call temptation.20160921222126


You know, to kill a rat,you have to set a rat trap,which must be baited with the rat’s FAVORITE food material. It’s always difficult for it to ignore it,eventually it gets drawn to it,and the trap snaps! Then the rat’s eyes will clear.

The devil knew that Joseph’s age at the time,was the age where people found it hard to resist formication. He knew that formication was the weaknesses of young men at the time.and he keyed into it.

The devil knew that if he left Joseph,he’d become great, so he attacked him with the major weakness of youths-fornication.


So in essence,he never tempts people unless he had seen some greatness in them that he needed to block.

To block that greatness, he attacks at their point of weakness

So he stirred Potiphar’s wife

You can imagine the beauty she must have been..But Because Joseph knew his God ,he said no!! I can’t do this horrible thing

He stood up for what he believed in,and fought the luring voice of the Lady with the word of God

That’s why the word of God is our sword,it’s our winning point.

So now,if Joseph had succumbed, if he had yielded,if he had not fought and resisted ..His destiny would have been blocked, his family would have died of hunger in canaan


But just because he resisted the devil

He refused to yield

It’s difficult to find people these days who can resist the sin of formication

Because that is the major weapon the devil has used to block the work of God in many lives today


He has used it to silence many men of God,and led them the way of destruction.Because I believe that sex is not just a hand shake,it’s a spiritual,physical and emotional encounter

It involves clash of destinies

When your destiny clashes with someone already possessed and without future, he robs you of your star

I know of many men of God who lost their vision in the hands of women.

The devil can tempt you with drink,money,power.. Etc.. Anything he finds you are sensitive to. So when he comes flee! If you stay to debate, you’ll ultimately lose,because the devil knows you from your foundation. He knows where you are most vulnerable. You can say,”yes,I can stand,I will bind him!..”But know this, your spirit may want to, but hormones are not born-again,neither do the organs involved respect anyone.



The spirit is Willing but mortal man is weak

That is why the bible said,FLEE FROM TEMPTATION, not FIGHT IT


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