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Wolves are very voracious eaters on the planet earth,they eat humans for survival because their lives depends on human beings and for procreation.
They are very scary creatures to look at,people are afraid of them,on seeing them they take shelter in their homes,offices,buildings,hotels,e.t.c. there is no telling what they will do to humans when they set their eyes on them.Because they are ferocious and very agile,they move from one place to another and can be very unstable.
They attack people at night when they are asleep or even in the daytime,and when they do there is no resistance from people when they see them.There is usually panick and commotion from people,some get killed in the process of trying to run from them.
Werewolves are half-humans they change with the help of the moon which aid transformation.They cry like wolves,when they change,their clothes tear and their body expand,making them big and large.They have big eyes as well which glows in the dark.They live a secluded life away from people.
They feed on humans to survive and to have offspring.To kill a Werewolf,one needs to be courageous to face them in the face of fear and determination to survive in the world of Werewolves.
On a fateful day,being in the night,Mr and Mrs Mark Lucan were in the house with their daughter Patricia having dinner for the night,they are farmers,they spent the day harvesting on their farmland,they have an Orange,Rice,Potato as well as Tomato and Pineapple all in their farm.
As they were having dinner a Shewolf came to attack them in their house when neighbours were asleep,Patricia and her parents alerted neighbours on the threat to their lives at the sight of the Shewolf,she was hungry and thirsty for food,she looked vicious,while that was going on,Mr Mark Lucan reached for his gun,he shot many shots at the Shewolf,it had no effect on her,instead she drew closer to them.Mrs Anthonia Lucan held her daughter Patricia in her arms,neighbours came to the rescue but it was quite late,the Shewolf killed Mr Mark Lucan by biting him in the neck in a pool of blood,she ran away in a flash of light.
There was crying and weeping from Mrs Anthonia Lucan and her daughter,Patricia over the death of  her father,neighbours came to commiserate with them in their time of grief.A lot of people have being killed by the Shewolf on different occassions.
Meanwhile,Peter Rome and Shania Canton are hunters hunting for the Shewolf and the others all day,they have guns with them for self-defence.They walked through the forest with the guns on their shoulders for the possible look-out of the Shewolf and the others.
On their way,they encountered some of them and killed some of them.The name of the Shewolf is Keila Nagin,a beautiful lady who is a photographer,she lives in the city of Baltimore,she lives all alone.
She cleaned her blood for fear of being identified as the killer of the victims especially Mr Mark Lucan,she had her bath in the morning.
Dudd Douglas,Mike Nain and Anne Heart were walking on their way to the cinema when they spotted Keila Nagin the Shewolf,she introduced herself to them as a photographer,they told her they are journalists working for a media company in Florida,after exchanging pleasantries,they went to the cinema.
Back at the village,Mrs Patricia Lucan,her daughter and the villagers were on a hunt for the Shewolf who had killed a lot of people Patricia Lucan and her mother were still in grief over the death of Mr Mark Lucan who was killed in the night.
Unknown to Dudd Douglas and his friends,Keila Nagin is a Shewolf,that is a female Werewolf,who had come to target them as her next victims.Her wolf appetite grew by the day,she could not control it much longer.
Meanwhile,Peter Rome and Shania Canton were hunting for the Shewolf and a few others they killed some of them.Patricia Lucan had vowed to avenge her father and that of the others who were killed by the Shewolf,she dressed in a red t-shirt,face top and jean trouser,set for the journey leaving her mother behind and some of the villagers behind as well.
Meanwhile,at the stroke of midnight,Keila Nagin changed into Shewolf and was on the rampage again.Dudd Douglas and his friends were attacked by the Shewolf in the night,they were killed in the process with blood all over their bodies.
Patricia Lucan got to the city after a tedious day,she arrived in the city through a taxi cab along with her belongings,she settled in a hotel,she was shown to her room by the receptionist after paying for it.
The news of Dudd Douglas and his friends reached everyone in the city including Patricia Lucan,she was terrified and went in search of the Shewolf.Keila Nagin left a trail of blood which made her to be noticed by Patricia Lucan.
Peter Rome and Shania Canton arrived Baltimore in search of the Shewolf they collided and met Patricia Lucan,they asked her why she is carrying a gun,she told them her name,how her father and the villagers were killed by the Shewolf,they sympathized with her and told her she is not alone that they could hunt her together she agreed.
Meanwhile,Mrs Anthonia Lucan was all alone because her daughter went to the city in search of the Shewolf,the villagers were living in fear of the Shewolf because she could strike again.As Peter Rome,Shania Canton and Patricia Lucan were in search of the Shewolf,they spotted her and chased her all the way,with guns in their hands,they followed her wherever she went hunting people eventually they fired at her,she was injured,but was still running eventually she was stabbed to death by Patricia Lucan,she died at the end.
Patricia Lucan thanked Peter Rome and Shania Canton for their assistance.She returned to the village to tell her mum and the villagers the good news about the death of the Shewolf,she met her mum and the villagers in good health.
She told her mum that the Shewolf is dead,the villagers were happy at the news of the death of the Shewolf.
The End.








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