things to look out for when dating a girl.

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dating is another component of a relationship to look out for.without it it cannot stand.girls are complex and easy beings to understand if you spend time with them getting to know them,their behaviour,likes and dislikes.they are everywhere wherever you go, they can be found in schools,business complex,offices,e.t.c
as a guy you have to be careful when approaching them for friendship knowing what to say or do will make them angry or happy with you.
you must not stalk them otherwise they will think that you want to attack or rape must make your intentions made known to them for them to think  about it before they approve of it.girls of these days are selective about the kind of guys they intend to date be it older,young,muscular or slim,tall or short.they are very emotional about the kind of guys they want in their lives `that will not hurt them at all.

as a guy you need to introduce yourself to them.tell them where you work,your background for them to know that you are real not must not lie to them otherwise you will get a slap or be beaten as the case maybe.sometimes approaching them takes a long while for the lady to think about it.if you are lucky you might get a call or you might not get a call depending on their mood and behaviour. that is all what they need to make their dreams come as a guy have to go all out to meet a few of those qualities in order to win their heart.

 be careful about:

showering gifts to buy their love : She wants your time, not your gifts.

She wants you to be consistent.

She wants you to make her laugh.

she wants to trust you and be trusted by you

she needs your listening ears

display interest, kindness, willingness.

 she needs your love and  and wants to believe in you
guys must be faithful to their ladies when they are with them.guys should be focused and be willing to do what it takes to pick the relationship going all the a guy you must be strong to protect and to love your lady a willing to invite her to your house and be ready to pick her calls.when she calls you.
cheating is what spoils a relationship from moving forward instead of backward.relationship is the engine  for marriages to thrive. Love is pure, love is painful, love is sweet and love is dreadful. True love is overwhelming. Our lives depend on it and it often seems like our planet would stop spinning if love didn’t exist. Love is something we strive for and something we mourn the loss ofmarriages on the other hand cannot survive without love.
it is good to stick to one woman  not several because sticking to many would breed anger,envy and jealousy in the relationship with ladies fighting each other for one man only when they are several guys out there.not one or two.


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