the use of honey moon to strenghten marriages.

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marriage is a life long committment between two people who are in helps to strengthen the bond of the is not something one rushes must be ready to fulfil the requirements of the union,it requires one to be mature to be of sound mind,body and has to have money,health,must be a committed and a dedicated order to get married.being married is to be compatible with one another and to click as is a time when one leaves their parents in order to build a family of their own someday and to spend time with one another.knowing each other well enough their likes,dislikes,weakness and strength.
marriage requires both couples to love and to trust each other not to hide anything from one another.and to confide in one is also a time one has to taken marriage vows meditatively,without being distracted.
it is a thing of joy for both families because it helps to unite them together.the congregation rejoice on that day.the couples come with their bestman,chief bridesmaid and their friends as well to chair the occasion.after the marriage ceremony.reception follows,the newly wed couples are invited to dance in the presence of their parents and a sign of celebration and joy also for the love they have for each other.they are joined by their families,friends and wellwishers as well.
the cake is unveiled in the presence of everyone the newly wed couples are asked to cut the cake in the presence of everyone.after which the couples fed each other with a sign of love and affection for one another.
after which the couple proceed on their honey moon vacation.they travel out of the country to spend time with one another is a period of lovemaking,renewal of marriage vows and unveiling of their gifts by their families,friends and well wishers.
the significance of honey moon helps couples to spend time with one another,also it helps to strengthen their also helps them to to faithful to each other and to pray at all times.
it also helps couples to communicate with each other in time of trouble.
honey moon is a period of making the best out of helps couples to plan the number of children they intend to have.and how best to train them.

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