The crush: he conquered me and what i stood for

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Hello people!
This is the second inbox on the “crush” From Seraphina .
Hello everyone, I must say I was so touched by Yesterday’s story.I felt obligated to share my own tale.
This thing called a crush is a very strong force really.It drives one off the real world into fairyland. I have been that fairyland, and this is my story.
His name was Raymond. He was the younger, cuter, troubled brother of the popular very-good-boy in choir, Ben. He had long, curly hair that went past his shoulders (forever getting him in trouble with the administration), and he wore suspenders with his V-neck T-shirts. Every time I saw him in the halls, he would always make lingering eye contact with me—and I knew it was lingering because I would meet his eye, look away, desperately embarrassed, then look back and notice he was still looking at me. Vo seriously that he had manifested in my reality. I’m sure my expression must have read “crazy girl about to kidnap you and install a livingfixture in the shrine in her closet” but he smiled, gave me a simple (yet totally romantic) head nod, and wenton his way.Swoon.He was The One, but I never got around to speaking to him, because he was way Too Cool for me. (And I was a chicken.)High school ended, I graduated and went off to a university hours away that none of my peers were attending—except one. Raymond. Gorgeous, long-haired, suspenders-wearing, troubled Raymond. Move-in day, I went to my parent’s car to grab some remaining knick-knacks and literally collided into him. Except he was gorgeous, short-haired, soccer-uniform-wearing Raymond now—which was even better!! Icing on the cake? He was the roommate of one of the first friends I made on campus.It was the kind of love story movies were made of. It was the beginning of my lacking-parental-supervision adulthood. It was the beginning of the chick flick to be be based upon my life.But I never got around to talking to him, and he transferred out. But up till today,each time I see a guy,a cool one,I think of Raymond and the charm he bore.
Currently I run into another guy Marvin, so cool,and very smart and caring.But still,deep down in my heart,a place still beats secretly for Raymond.
I was heavily “crushed” by.his charm..but we never had the chance to cool it. Off.But that’s my story of my first and deepest crush.
New York city

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