Scorpion Venom is the most expensive liquid on earth . (video)

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According to  Hashem Al-Ghail

, Scorpion venom has been confirmed the most expensive liquid on earth, owing to latest researches . Scientists have looked at the properties of scorpion venom , and the many possibilities in medical advancement as it concerns human health.

watch video below:

click here to watch video

you can click Here to download this  videoclick on the download icon from the play screen that comes up

additionally, i have been into scorpions since 2014, been inspired by this video and i think this new field of science (Scorpiology) has many promises for the nearest future. feel free to contact me at my email [email protected]

if you are interested , have questions or want to associate with me on my research. i look forward to getting a team, a dedicated team (regardless of area of science studied). this team, i hope , if we work together will try to carry on the work from where i stopped at present. check out one of the works i co-authored  on scorpions.

contact me for more details.

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