Queen of Darkness

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The Queen of Darkness is another work of fiction written with a view to enlighten people on the need to pray at all times in order not to fall into temptation of the devil and his cohorts who seeks to ruin souls by attacking the Church and its followers terrorising them day and night with their followers who are vile and villainous in their actions not sparing anyone who cross their path to take over the earth for the coming of the antichrist.
In order to defeat the antichrist one must be steadfast in prayer at all times without ceasing dwelling at all times when they arrive and not to be weary of them and to be courageous and bold.
Good will prevail over evil no matter the obstacle one faces.
Norman Freeman,Peggie Frankie,Martha Kalel and Matthew Price are hunters looking for demons to hunt and to kill all day when all of a sudden they encountered Sharon Stone,the Queen of Darkness in company of Lear noble,Rose Nania and Rebecca Twain and a host of others at the corners of the street unexpectedly when they flew like lightning flying all over the place there was chaos among the people when they sighted with fear in their eyes,they fled for safety for fear of being killed.
Norman Freeman and his colleagues fought the Queen of Darkness and her agents in a fierce battle one on one with all that they had,they fired arrows at them all to no avail.
The Queen of Darkness and her agents fled the scene within a twinkle of an eye.
Meanwhile at Saint Michael’s Catholic Church in New York,Rev.Father Peter One,the Catholic Priest was officiating mass on that fateful day with members of the congregation in attendance preaching to them on the need to be alert all times in order not to fall into temptation while that was going on,Sharon Stone,Queen of Darkness and her agents stormed the Church all of a sudden,the Catholic Priest and some members of the congregation were frightened at them and were confused on what to do,when Rev.Father Peter One told them to pray and not to lose heart which they did without hesitation.
The Queen of Darkness and her agents were busy attacking the Church with some members of the congregation.Telling them to join them or die,they took scary with flames in their eyes as well as horns on their heads,they wore cloak and had staff with them for self-defence and to strike and kill as well.
Meanwhile,Norman Freeman and his colleagues entered the Church when they spotted Sharon Stone and her agents attacking the Catholic Priest and members of the congregation they had garlic,ginger,holy water and guns with them to attack them,it was a fierce battle between them.Norman Freeman fought Sharon Stone,The Queen of Darkness while his colleagues fought with the agents while the Catholic Priest and members of the congregation watch what happens.Norman Freeman fought Sharon Stone and sprayed garlic and holy water on her,her face got burnt and she screamed loud in pain,she went to confront Norman Freeman,he killed her with the gun mixed with garlic and holy water likewise Matthew Price,Martha Kalel and Peggie Frankie killed Lear Noble,Rosie Nania and Rebecca Twain they also killed them with guns mixed with garlicand holy water,they dissolved and disappeared in the presence of the Catholic Priest and the congregation,everyone was relieved and thanked the hunters for coming to their rescue

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