21 Of The Most Devastating TV Deaths That No One Ever Talks About

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A while back, we asked the BuzzFeed Community to share the saddest underrated TV scenes, and we got a lot of great responses β€” with a ton of nominations for sad TV deaths that get overlooked!


Here are 23 super-sad TV deaths that deserve more attention.



On Criminal Minds, when Hotch’s wife, Haley, was murdered as she said her last words to him over the phone and everyone listened in:

Haley asks Hotch to promise to tell their son how they met and how he made her laugh so he knows Hotch wasn't always this serious and believes in love, as it's the most important thing




On ER, when Carter read the letter from Mark and everyone found out he was dead:

Carter reads the letter, where Mark writes about his day, and then reveals there's an addition from Dr. Corday saying he died the next morning and she sent the letter so they'd know he was thinking of them


“What a soul crusher.”



On The Haunting of Hill House, when Olivia was manipulated into thinking her kids were in danger and then killing herself:

Olivia looking down then smiling, saying she wants to wake up


“That scene absolutely destroyed me.”



On The Magicians, when Quentin sacrificed himself and his friends sang “Take on Me” to mourn him:

Quentin says "wow" as he watches his friends sing for him


“That song gets me every time.”



When Laverne died on Scrubs β€” especially when Carla said goodbye:

Carla says Laverne has been her role model for 15 years and also her friend, and she's not ready for this, and will really miss Laverne


“[It] kills me every time.”



On Call the Midwife, when Barbara died after giving birth:

Carla on her death bed


“The Christmas specials are almost always brutal to watch. The worst, of course, being the one when Barbara dies. I remember my mom watching that one at like midnight one night, and I woke up to the sound of her sobbing. I didn’t understand until I watched the show.”



On Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D., when Mack’s daughter faded out of existence in his arms:

Mack's daughter Hope cries and says she doesn't want to die, and Mack says he'll always love her, and then she disappears




On One Tree Hill, when Quentin was killed in a gas station break-in:

Xavier shoots Quentin, then Lucas is woken up by a phone call saying he's dead

The CW


On Downton Abbey, when Sibyl died after it seemed she might pull through:

Sibyl dying as the others beg her not to


“I openly sobbed, which I never have for a show before, and for days felt like I was actually mourning someone and would think about the scene. It felt like an angel had left the world. [I] had to stop watching for a while.”



On Rizzoli & Isles, when Detective Frost died after the actor died in real life:


“The episode of Rizzoli & Isles after Detective Frost dies. It has a moment where each character finally broke down and grieved. I lost it each time a character did. … It was even more heartbreaking knowing that the actor, Lee Thompson Young, had died in real life.”



On Supernatural, when Kevin died suddenly and Dean couldn’t save him:

Dean asking "Kevin?" as he looks as Kevin with burned out eyes

The CW



And also on Supernatural, when Sam died in Season 2:

Dean tells Sam he's got him as that's what a big brother does, then cries and says "no" as Sam dies

The CW

“Sam’s first death in Season 2 gets me every time. Dean babbling about taking care of his pain-in-the-ass little brother is where I break.”



On Money Heist, when Gandia shockingly shot Nairobi:

Nairobi being shot and falling to the ground dead


“I cried like a baby. She died so horribly.”



On Stranger Things, when fan favorite character Alexei was shot at the carnival after winning a stuffed animal:

Alexei drops his stuffed animal after he gets shot



On Shameless, when Frank found Monica dead after renewing their vows:



On ER, when Lucy died after being attacked by a patient:

Ray pushes the operating tray as Lucy flatlines and Corday looks shocked at her bloody hands


“While there are lots of heart-wrenching moments in 15 seasons of ER, one that sticks out to me is in Season 6, after Carter and Lucy are stabbed…Lucy seems to be pulling through, just to get a lung embolism shortly after. All of that is sad enough on its own, but it’s Romano’s reaction that really does me in. He’s always cold, rude, arrogant, and a huge ass, and you think he’s just going to shrug it off like, ‘well, these things happen, patients die’ after he tells Corday to stop shocking Lucy’s heart, but then he flips the instrument tray over and starts again because he doesn’t want to believe it’s the end.”



On The West Wing, when Leo died right before he was elected vice president after the actor died in real life:

Annabeth tells Josh that Leo is dead


“How about the real-life death of Leo (John Spencer) on The West Wing? I found out for his funeral in real life, [Kristen] Chenoweth sang ‘For Good’ from Wicked; knowing that and her raw emotion of knowing he passed in the episode gets me every time.”



On The 100, when Clarke finds Madi essentially dead:

Clarke holding Madi's face begging her to look at her or say something, saying "my baby"

The CW

“I also want to add the scene from Season 7 of The 100 when Clarke realizes Madi is gone and she’s holding her paralyzed body, crying ‘my baby, my baby.'”



On NYPD Blue, when Bobby died after his heart transplant:

Diane tells Bobby to look, but his eyes close on the hospital bed


“[I] cried my eyes out.”



On Dance Academy, when Sammy died suddenly:

everyone crying after it's revealed Sammy is dead


“Nothing breaks my heart quite like when Sammy in Dance Academy dies. He was doing so well and got everything he was working toward. But all of their reactions, especially after the next few episodes, hurt so bad.”



And finally, on Farscape, when Aeryn died:

everyone saying goodbye to Aeryn

Sci-Fi Channel

“I just have to mention Farscape. The scenes where Aeryn died, and her funeral immediately following. Legitimately the only times I’ve shed tears over a fictional character. The whole sequence was so incredibly sudden and impactful. I applaud the entire team working on the show. Writers, directors, editors, and especially the actors. It was just…wow.”


Which rarely talked-about TV deaths did we miss? Let us know in the comments!


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