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Regarding the economic situation, and the length of time it takes before a website starts generating revenue, many people would rather go for a free website using platforms like wordpress, blogger, and many other free site offering platforms. inasmuch as those free sites are easy to acquire and set up, the truth still remains that such free sites don’t have many chances with monetization, eg. google adsense and many other giants do not approve of free sites ( subdomains)
getting a free website with wordpress and blogger
To set up a free blogger or wordpress site, sign up with blogger or wordpress.the set up is easy and guided, no coding knowledge required. choose your choice site(subdomain) name and you’re good to go.with you have some pre-installed plugins to help you run your site. But you won’t be able to add any more plugins unless you move to . depending on your traffic and content you can still monetize and make money with your free site using some affiliate programs like chitika

get a free website with
you can now get a free website with us, we can ghelp you set it up, and still give you total control to customize and control your site. it would take less than 24 hours to have your site/forum/blog up and running.
advantages of setting up your free domain with
1. unlimited emails you get unlimited emails for your site ,hosted on our servers.
24/7 customer support
you can be sure to come to us anytime with any challenges in running your site. you may also want to see:
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