nature lovers: Bachelor’s Bucket flower

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This flower ‘Bachelor’s Button’ (Centaurea cyanus) that I nicknamed ‘Bachelor’s of Rouen’ has been my most used profile pic. At the time we had them, there were color variations, white, pink and others., But the white caught​ my attention.
Although they didn’t last for long, I still kept this pic, and used it, because it symbolized a lot of Positive things to me..

Ozoemena Isaac’s Rose of Rouen

to me, apart from the beauty and splendor, It symbolizes purity, and Humility.

Gardeners looking for a true blue color in a flower can’t go wrong with the old-fashioned bachelor’s button. These fully double annual flowers look like miniature carnations, only they’re much easier to grow. In fact, they are treated as weeds in some areas, because of their propensity to self-seed. often called cornflowers, are an old fashioned specimen you may recall from grandmother’s garden. I bet you can’t afford not to be charmed by the beauty of this flower.

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