causes and solutions to the spread of malaria.

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malaria is a recurring fever caused by female anopheles mosquito and the males mosquito called the aedes mosquito.other mosquito agents include culex is a endemic fever that has caused millions of deaths worldwide.with people dying everyday.mosquitoes occur in cold climatic regions of the world.where the weather is cold and moist at the same time other mosquito agents causes dengue is not airborne unlike other diseases which are transmitted from person to is transmitted by the mosquitoes when they lay their eggs in moist environment especially in rivers,streams and dams etc.they lay millions of eggs per day.these eggs as they undergo complete cycle they develop into egg,larva,pupa and adult.they develop into full adult.they have specialized mouth parts which enable them to transmit the disease into the food that we eat which causes people to eat them and become sick.they are oviparous that is they lay millions of eggs every everyday.the mosquito parasite are caused by a pathogenic agent called the plasmodium.the types of plasmodium include: plasmodium ovale,plasmodium falciparum,plasmodium malariae,and plasmodium vivax.the plasmodium falciparum is the most deadly especially to human being because they are anthropogenic that is they are transmitted from animal to man.they parasites undergo three stages namely:trophozoites,cyst and precyst.each of them are the pathway for malaria lifecycle to be completed.the causes of malaria include the following:

1.contaminated food:the mosquito transmit pathogens in the food we eat because we do not observe hygiene of covering our food before we eat.human beings eat it the parasite get to the blood and weaken our immune system as a result the body becomes weak to fight the a result we contact malaria.

2.dirty environment:this is another through which mosquito enter the environment through dumping of refuse that are not properly disposed including food waste from the kitchen,waste waster from the kitchen.

3.inadequate waste bins:waste bins are not efficient to dispose waste as a result,they get filled up and pour on the ground it is rampant along major roads and markets and homes.the oozing  smell from the waste causes people to be uncomfortable as a result people contact diseases like malaria.cholera and diarrhoea.which has causes millions of deaths worldwide.

4.improper draining of rivers,streams and lakes:mosquito transmits diseases like river blindness and stooling.the rivers not being chlorinated become a breeding ground for these mosquitoes to transmit disease to people.people who are vulnerable are children who bathe in rivers are not aware of the danger they exposed themselves to.they also wash their clothes and drink the polluted rivers.also farmers whose farms are located there are the risk of being exposed to the disease.also their crops are affected resulting in stunted growth and low yield.

5.bushy surroundings:bushes that are not cleared regularly serve as reservoir for mosquitoes to thrive especially in cold places.transmit the parasite to people and the people become sick.especially when they wear knickers,short sleeve clothes and sandals.

the solutions to tackle the scourge of malaria include:

1.proper disposal of waste.receptacle bins should be adequately provided in various towns and cities when they get full they should be taken to the appropriate sites for proper disposal as this will prevent outbreak of disease.

2.clearing of our surroundings:this will be done regularly to destroy  the breeding places of mosquitoes they should be trimmed with hoes,cutlasses,machete and secateurs. education and sanitary education:health officials should carry out awareness by enlightening the people on the outbreak of disease.especially mosquito.they should educate them on the need to keep their surroundings clean at all times and also to properly dispose their waste as this will prevent mosquito breeding there and transmitting malaria.

4.draining of water channels:water that serves as reservoir for mosquitoes should be properly drained and treated effectively at the same time.this will prevent mosquitoes breeding there.

5.mosquito repellants and mosquito coils:they should be placed in the home to drive them away and also kill is very effective.

6.wearing of long sleeves and trousers:long sleeves should be worn when mosquito are active in the morning.also trousers should be worn as this will prevent mosquito bite.

with these in mind mosquitoes will be eradicated.

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