Werewolves Arising

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On a cold winter night,Shane Koleman,Nicole Shale,Shirley Brown and Lucas Young are vampire hunters searching for vampires that have been terrorising the city causing fear in people,they had guns,machetes,as well as silver bullets with them for self-defence against the vampires on their way to the forest,they were attacked by vampires,they were much in number,with scary sounds that they make like oor and were much in number and were very ferocious and aggressive blood was gushing out of their mouths,they were hungry for flesh and were thirsty at the same time.
Shane Koleman and his colleagues brought out their weapons and uprooted the heads of the vampires and burnt their bodies in the incinerator.

The Werewolves were not left out in this battle,they are agile and much more aggressive than the Vampires and carnivorous unlike the Vampires who eat the flesh and drink blood for survival.Seeing the Werewolves were much in number,they took to their heels and killed quite a few of them while they were being chased by some of the Werewolves.They are half-humans just like the Vampires.
Shane Koleman and the others took shelter in the caves along the mountains away from the Werewolves.
Meanwhile,John Wyne,the leader of the Vampires was in his chambers resting when Nick Play,Jessica Bell and the others arrived at the castle,John Wyne was awake curious to know if they were able to capture Shane Koleman and the others,they told him that some of their colleagues were killed by them.John Wyne was furious and told them to get ready for war and were told to enlist the Werewolves in this battle to defeat the Vampire hunters,there was feasting and drinking by the Vampires with guests in attendance with the bodies of humans as part of the feast,there was romance among the Vampires.John Wyne was decorated as the leader of the Vampires in a royale regalia.
The next day,the Vampires went in search of the Werewolves and found them in the forest and told them that they were sent by their leader,John Wyne to enlist them in order to kill Shane Koleman and his colleagues which they later agreed.They accompanied them to the castle and were given a reception by John Wyne,the leader of the Vampires and were received warmly by them and were told of the mission to kill Shane Koleman and his colleagues.
Shane Koleman and his colleagues were eating when they heard of the plans of the Vampires and Werewolves to eliminate them and take over the earth.They swung into action with a plan to kill them.The next day the Vampires and Werewolves set out on the journey to kill Shane Koleman and the others,traps were set for the Vampires and Werewolves by Shane Koleman and his colleagues,some of the Vampires and Werewolves fell into the trap and died in the process.Shane Koleman and his colleagues were outside waiting to fight when they spotted them.The leader of the Vampires,John Wyne and the others saw them as well and eager to fight them as well.
There was a fierce battle between the Werewolves,the Vampires and them.John Wyne fought with Shane Koleman while Nicole Shane,Shirley Brown and Lucas Young confronted the Werewolves and Vampires.The Werewolves and Vampires were killed through the use of silver bullets and serum leaving only John Wyne and Shane Koleman fought eventually,Shane Koleman killed John Wyne by injection of the serum into his heart.
The End.

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