Murder at the Cathedral

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Murder at the Cathedral is a story that talks about what goes in the Cathedral especially with killings that goes on on there of various priests at Catholic Churches which happens at an alarming rate which creates panic among the congregation that attends masses in the morning,afternoon and evening.
This is a work of fiction written to bring to the notice of the audience and viewers to keep them informed about the happenings that wew are aware not all of them,but quite a few of them we know of.
This is a true life story that happens on  a daily basis which have assumed a dangerous dimension in our lives which has caused us to live in fear in the day of our lives.
A lot of people cannot sleep for fear of being killed because they do not know if they will be next to die or not.
A lot of these murders are perpetrated by people that we know of,who we live with,dine with and hang out with.They are our brothers,friends or colleagues in various offices,where we work or people we talk to.
Sometimes a lot of these murders are among the high-profile cases being under investigation by security agencies who work day and night to ensure the murderers are brought to justice by any means possible a lot of people have lost their loved ones as a result of the murders which are ongoing at the same time,sometimes these murders take a long time to solve,because of the complex nature of the incidence which took place,time,location which occurred on that fateful day.
The fiction i write are real life events,imagine the number of prominent people who are being killed in the society by assassins who are unknown.
The assassins are ruthless,they kill without mercy,they kill for money,some people for political reasons,it is important to know the types of killers and define them one after the other.
Armed robbers,mercenaries,hitman,assassins,serial killers and robbers.
Armed robbers are a group of gangsters that are armed with guns who raid peoples’ houses for valuable items like jewellery and money depending on their demands being met.They sometimes are sponsored by people to kill or rape some ladies as the case may be.
Mercenaries,they are professional soldiers hired to serve in a foreign army.Mercenaries are motivated by the desire to make money,in otherwords,they kill for mercy.
Hitman is a person paid to kill someone.
Serial killers are psychopaths that kill for no just reason,their motivation to kill is the use of drugs which they take that affects their nervous system which causes them to kill people.
Robbers steal money from people in order to survive.
The one we are more concerned is assassins,the way they operate is complex and complicating,they are on a killing spree moving from one place to the other,they operate in groups.The fiction is full of action,thriller and suspense.

Peter Gotham,Shawn Michael and Annie Holloway are detectives at Los Angeles Police Department,they are very committed and dedicated to their duty,diligent and focused.They are in charge of cases ranging from homicide,killings that goes on everywhere in the city and other places.
They don’t stop at anything to see that justice is pursued diligently and purposefully,thoroughly to the end,they have a boss they answer to his name is Leonard Lannister,a middle-aged man in his early forties,who is the police commissioner.
Meanwhile at the Cathedral,at New Jersey,Rev.Father Peter Dunkin was officiating mass during the homily,while that was going on,two assassins Castor Troy and Nick Pain were in the Cathedral,they posed as part of the congregation they had two baggages with them their intention to kill the Rev.Father Peter Dunkin,while that was going on,Castor Troy and Nick Pain brought a gun and shot in the air causing the congregation to panic for safety,causing commotion and chaos,the priest was pointed a gun at by Nick Pain and Castor Troy telling him to bring out the money slowly and place it on the altar table which the priest did,a lot of people who were at the Cathedral that fateful day to worship God were confused at what had happened in the process,Nick Pain and Castor Troy killed the priest and some members of the congregation in order to avoid being exposed by the police.Unknown to them,Evangeline Hope and Alan Curin witnesses at the Cathedral called the Los Angeles Police Department,Peter Gotham was busy solving criminal cases when he got a call from Alan Curin about the murder at the Cathedral in New Jersey.Peter Gotham told him to wait for him to come with his colleagues as soon as possible.
Meanwhile,Nick Pain and Castor Troy fled the Cathedral with the money in a car with the members of the gang.The incidence attracted a lot of people there where it took place,a lot of people lost their loved ones and the bodies of the priest and others lying in a pool of blood.Peter Gotham,Shawn Michael and Annie Holloway arrived at the Cathedral as soon as possible.Police cordoned the Cathedral with tape and made circles with chalk,paramedical team arrived at the Cathedral to evacuate the bodies of the priest and other victims at the Hospital in New York for Autopsy to determine the cause of their death and deposited at the mortuary for families to claim them and possibly bury them.
Meanwhile,Peter Gotham and his colleagues were fielding questions from the congregation including Evangeline Hope and Alan Curin,they told them what happened at the Cathedral which they took notes of .Coroners were at the Cathedral for medical examination,a lot of people were injured and were given first aid treatment by paramedic team as well.
Meanwhile,Nick Pain,Castor Troy and the others were busy launching one attack or the other,launching one attack,they had guns with them and were dressed in uniforms of green,with ammunitions at their disposal.A lot of casualties were recorded in the city of New York where they went to.
Alan Curin and Evangeline Hope had a trail on them when they were carrying out the attack in New York City,they took pictures and went to Los Angeles Police Department to meet Peter Gotham and greeted him showed him the pictures of Nick Pain,Castor Troy and others,Peter Gotham,Shawn Michael and their colleagues swung into action where Nick Pain,Castor Troy were carrying out the attacks in New York City in a police car along with Evangeline Hope and Alan Curin,on getting there,a lot of people were taken to the hospital for treatment.Nick,Castor and the others were attacking people,Peter,Shawn and Annie and their colleagues trooped out of the car and shot at them,some of the assassins died in the exchange of gun fire,Nick Pain,Castor Troy and a few others were firing at Peter Gotham,Shawn Michael,Annie Holloway and the other police officers back there.
A lot of people were rescued at the scene of the incident,the assassins died leaving only Nick Pain and Castor Troy,Peter Gotham and Shawn Michael fought with them while Evangeline Hope,Alan Curin and Annie Holloway stood and watch.
It was a fierce combat between them in the end,Nick Pain and Peter Gotham gave each other blows and kicks,they were injured,Peter Gotham stabbed Nick Pain,he died in the end,same for Shawn Michael and Castor Troy.
At last normal life returned to the city once again,Peter Gotham,Annie Holloway and Shawn Michael were grateful to Evangeline Hope and Alan Curin for their help in tracking down the assassins.
It was a happy ending.
The End.

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