Scorpion Venom and health

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Scorpion venom is currently the most expensive fluid on earth with Cost of about $10,302,700 per liter. It is known fact that every known species of scorpions has venom, which is primarily used to kill or paralyze their prey. They could kill their prey with brute force instead of using their venom, if they wanted to, but the Venom proves to be a very reliable and ‘handy’ tool. For humans, however, the proteins found in the venom of a scorpion are now being exploited for human benefit.

The scorpion venom is a potential bio-source and therapeutic tool to design potent drugs against variety of diseases. Scorpion venom had been used as medicinal and therapeutic tool since medieval times in China. Scorpion venom consists of neurotoxins, salts, low molecular weight peptides and different enzymes with high molecular activities. These activities make them novel therapeutic agents. Scorpion venom has anti-proliferative, cytotoxic, apoptogenic and immunosuppressive effects.

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