6 reasons people choose to stay single

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1.they feel happier being single
not everyone desires to have a serious relationship -infact,some people actually feel more comforted and fufilled by being single.relationships don’t always equate to happiness,anyways and that is evidenced by the high divorce rate.single people might see relationships as overrated,and don’t want to put in the work required only to have things end later on down the road.single people can cultivate a relationship with themselves on a deeper level,and for some,all they need to be happy.

2.they want to work on themselves
in a relationship,you can certainly work on yourself,but you have more of an opportunity to do so when you are single.self-development allows you to build character and strengthen your weaknesses,which actually can make you a better partner down the road,should you choose to get into another relationship.even if you don’t desire a significant other in your life,bettering yourself is never a negative thing.without having someone to answer to,you can take extra time to work on your fitness,on a business idea,or on your meditation/yoga practice.you get to choose how you spend your time,which is a major reason why some people choose to stay single.

3.they want to dedicate time to their future
these are uncertain times,and with an unstable economy,many millenials want to secure their place in the world both financially and career-wise.many people choose to stay single in order to go back to school,finish their degree,start an internship,or devote more time to their career.

4.they don’t want a serious committment
some people choose the single life so they can explore relationships with many people,and not have to commit to just one.while this might seem like an easy way out relationships,some people just don’t want to have a serious committment,in their life,and that’s perfectly fine.as long as everyone feels comfortable with the idea,exploring different relationships with multiple people can actually help you grow as a person in a variety of ways.

5.they feel content with the people in their lives already
this as a result of people getting more active social lives than their partnered up counterparts.also,people in relationships tend to feel isolated from their friends since they spend the majority of their time with their partner.

6.they had bad relationships in the past
yet another reason some people stay single is because they are scarred from past relationships.may be they don’t want to take a chance on someone else for fear of having a broken heart once again,and if you haven’t walked their path,you really can’t judge them for this decision.

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