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Hey 🙂 I wanna share a small “testimony” with ya.
I don’t know if you ever had a crush on a girl and she’s giving you green lights but you don’t have the guts to approach her? Or vice versa?
Well there’s this girl at the office,our new accountant.. hair that sunrise-gold hair that tumbled over her shoulders.,shiny, halo-white teeth..she was magic defined. The first time I saw her I caught myself gasping for breath..because her beauty is breathtaking.
I recall how many times I summoned the courage to talk to her.Hey before you judge me! I have seen and talked to many girls before, had a number of girlfriends. But this girl just reduced me to…speechless .Michael Jackson put it right in his ” Speechless” It’s magical.
It so happened that this girl’s voice over the canteen became a catalyst to my heartbeat .The day she first smiled at me..I can’t describe the smile.. I just took in the image,and saved it in a protected folder in my memory.
I knew other guys were falling for her too, she has this thing about her that if you don’t fall for her beauty you’ll definitely fall for her character. I knew I had to do something fast..
I began to get close to her friends, and then gradually to her.
The magic happened one certain day..
I just finished a short meeting one Friday afternoon with the director,and felt like going to the canteen.And coming right opposite me,with her friend is Sharon. I had to slow my steps to keep from betraying my skyrocketing heartbeat. As they came up the stairs that led to the corridor along which her office is,I increased my steps. And put up my most powerful smile,just as I began to talk to her friend Chloe.
Hey Chloe! What’s up? Where’re you guys coming from?
As Chloe was looking the direction of the canteen to gather up her answer,I advanced fast and Accidentally(?? ) bumped into her,knocking her off balance. My little kungfu training was not a waste after all. In that split moment,before she Sharon could tell what had happened, before her sharp scream could leave her lips, before Chloe could turn her head,and see what I had done, I had regained my balanced and caught up Sharon in my arms. The Surprise of it all and the reflex had taken up her energy,and for the next 2 minutes that were worth more than years,I had my Crush in my arms.
I expressed all the surprise in the world when I finally released her.She still couldn’t tell whether it was the step that put her off balance, but I guess the quickness of my approach put me in the light,a knight in shining armor 🙂
The whole of that day I allowed no one near me,lest they wear off the aura she had left.I got home and was very reluctant to send my suit to the laundry,till after the following week.
My goal had been achieved ,for I noted during the days that followed, how nervous and tense she had suddenly started to get in my presence.
Then three weeks after “the hug” I caught up with her while she was jogging home from the gym. Surprisingly she was alone.I couldn’t describe the joy that leaped in my heart.. I found myself in high heaven when she agreed to let me give her a drop home.
I dropped my speed,to give myself more time with her.
We talked and laughed. She warmed up to the discussion, and I found another Sharon, different from the “always- serious” Sharon of the office. At a time I caught her staring,and then she quickly looked away.
“I have a confession to make..”
“You do?? (laughs) ,about what?”
“That day after the canteen,on the stairs..”
“You did it! You crook (Lol) I knew you did..only I didn’t know how”
I didn’t know when I began to smile..and inside deeply trapped,caught in my own game.
Then she looked me in the eyes..that moment I felt like she could see through my veins..
“I want a repeat. I need to know how you did it” she was smiling now.

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