Lewis Hamilton Hosted Emerging Black Designers At The Met Gala

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Mike Coppola / Getty Images

(L-R) US Olympian Miles Chamley-Watson, US designer Kenneth Nicholson, Lewis Hamilton, US designer Law Roach, Kehlani, stylist Jason Rembert, US athlete Sha’Carri Richardson, Theophilio designer Edvin Thompson and model Alton Mason.

British race car driver Lewis Hamilton is no stranger to the Met Gala as a veteran attendee with several fashion moments to his name.

For this year’s gala however, the sporting champion opted to use his star power for another cause: highlighting emerging Black talent.

Hamilton told Vogue that he wanted to create a space for up and coming Black designers, and with the support of the event’s co-chair, Vogue editor-in-chief Anna Wintour, the Met was the perfect opportunity to do so.

“I wanted to create a table around supporting, and celebrating up and coming young Black designers, and we’re living in a time where diversity and inclusion is so important,” Hamilton said.

The 36-year-old who launched his foundation Mission 44 to champion fairness and inclusion attended the gala with designers Kenneth Nicholson, Edvin Thompson of Theophilio, and Jason Rembert of Aliette.

“Young designers don’t have the same opportunities, and so that’s really why I wanted to support young up and coming talent and the Met is the biggest fashion event of the year,” Hamilton said.

The racing champion said he hoped that by bringing the designers together for the night on a major fashion stage, he could create a “meaningful” moment.

“I wanted to take the opportunity and something that would start and spark a conversation. So when people see us all together, they’ll be asking and put these Black designers at the top of people’s minds, particularly in the fashion community,” he added.

The seven time Formula One World Champion wore a look from Nicholson and praised the young designer for his “truly inspiring” craftsmanship in menswear.

The gala made its return at the Metropolitan Museum of Art’s Costume Institute in New York City after last year’s cancellation due to the pandemic. This year’s theme was a nod to American fashion.

John Shearer / WireImage

Lewis Hamilton and designer Kenneth Nicholson attend the Met Gala on Sept. 13, 2021.

Just 24 hours before the event, Hamilton narrowly escaped serious injury after being involved in a collision at the Italian Grand Prix.

“It’s days like today, I am reminded of how lucky I am. It takes a millisecond to go from racing to a very scary situation. Today someone must have been looking down, watching over me!” Hamilton tweeted.

It’s days like today, I am reminded of how lucky I am. It takes a millisecond to go from racing to a very scary situation. Today someone must have been looking down, watching over me! #TeamLH: I’m so thankful for each and everyone of you, you are truly the best. Still we rise!

Twitter: @LewisHamilton

In a statement to BuzzFeed News, representatives for Hamilton added that the racing champion was equally committed to improving the diversity of the fashion industry as he was his own industry.

“Lewis recognizes it’s not only UK motorsport that needs to change to become more inclusive and hopes by inviting these designers, their work will be celebrated at one of the biggest fashion events of the year and their attendance will spark much needed conversation around the change that is still needed to make the fashion industry more inclusive,” the statement said.

The gesture has been applauded for its impact and ensuring Black designers were included in fashion’s biggest night.

lewis hamilton bought a table at the met gala and asked black designers to join him #METGala

Twitter: @marigout

lewis hamilton spends his personal time and personal money funding things like the Hamilton Commission or buying a table at the met gala to uplift Black artists. that’s what actually using your platform looks like. other drivers and celebrities should take note.


The “Black designers” Lewis Hamilton bought a table for at the #MetGala have names: Theophilio (designer Edvin Thompson) & Kenneth Nicholson. For all the “where were the Black designers” chatter be sure to amplify the ones who were there & the looks they created.

Twitter: @blackwomenviews

Lewis Hamilton bought a table for three emerging Black designers to attend the #MetGala

THIS is what people should be doing with access and privilege. Very dope of him.

Twitter: @danikwateng

Lewis Hamilton has bought out a whole table for the Met Gala to surround himself with the love and company of fellow successful black people across different industries.

Hope he has the best time, he deserves it.

Twitter: @QuickStopF1

Did Vogue really do a whole segment on Lewis Hamilton and the designers at his table?! 👀 The man makes us proud on and off track. I’m done.

Twitter: @ragnhiId

no one’s talking about this but f1 driver lewis hamilton bought a whole table at the met gala and brought four black small designers to join him

Twitter: @valentisilk


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