killerbat zombies

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the killerbat zombies tells a story about bats that are horrified creatures that causes the death of people in a particular country,town or is an action thriller movie inspired by my quest to unravel the mysteries about bats where they live and how they reproduce and causes death of people.
the story is about a family that lives in a town where they are far away from the county where they live a man and a woman have two kids a boy and a girl they are travellers on a quest on new adventure to discover things about bats.
the man’s name is dr david green,a zoologist working at an outfit named aquarium zoology centre in washington dc.his wife’s name is dr.angela green,a molecular biologist,working at a pharmaceutical company in san francisco.their children’s name’s are frank and michelle,they are high school teenagers aged 17 and 15 years respectively.
they have friends in high school were they school happens to have bullies everywhere in the school.
the teachers are friendly and nice and discipline students who misbehave.the name of the school is georgeville high school in new york.a suburb town in the is well known for morals and discipline.
back at the action,a group of scientists/zoologists at the aquarium zoology centre were doing research on the remains on some species of bats to know where they come from,they were a lot of scientists and zoologists at the aquarium zoology centre,a group of bats are said to be extinct while some are said to be extanct or existing in other for the viewers to understand what is going on.
the bats the zoologists were working on,were as old as mankind they were working on them one of the bats accidentally came back to life mysteriously and starte wrecking havoc at the zoology laboratory and killed quite a number of scientists at a second and feeding on them to survive and multiply.but before that the zoologists discovered that there was a chemical that makes these bats to react in a way that makes them violent to humans in their environment.
that gave rise to these bats being classified as killerbat zombies.the zombie on the otherhand,possesses a dead body and is reincarnated back to life with the use of vodoo or black magic.especially from the grave or tomb where rotten corpse decay and smell with a stench or foul odour.
they possess the human body and fused to form what we call the killerbat zombies.they kill with a force and are million in number.
meanwhile,dr.angela green is a molecular biologist working at a pharmaceutical company in san francisco with a team of biochemists and other specialists working on living organisms to find out about them and do research on them.
meanwhile,at the georgeville high,frank and michelle green their two children were playing on the field having fun with their friends and their sports teachers during a sports festival at the school field with guests in attendance.
the neighbours in the neighbourhood were walking and chatting with their colleagues when they saw the killerbat zombies emerged and were terrified at the sight of them.but they were not so lucky because the bats consumed them partially and became a part of the killerbat zombies making disciples of all nations.filling the town with millions of bats.the bats invade people’s homes at night when they are asleep.
dr.david green a dedicated zoologist was shocked at the death of his colleagues and neighbours.he was thinking of what to do to unravel the mystery of the killerbat zombies.he went in search of his wife and two children to ensure that they were safe.he found them and told them what happened,they were horrified and at the same time scared of what had happened.
meanwhile,at georgeville high school in newyork,a group of high school students were playing when they saw the killerbat zombies and were scared and had to alert their teachers and everyone had to take cover for fear of being killed by the killerbat zombies.
one of the highschool teachers was killed on the spot when one of the killerbat zombies invaded the school,some of the students died in the incident.
the new york police department arrived at the school to cordon the area they spotted the killerbat zombies shot at it was not good enough they were resistant to the bullets some of the cops died.
frank and michelle hid in one of the school buildings for safety.dr david green and a group of zoologists discovered a cure for the elimination of the killerbat zombies at the laboratory which was intense and rigorous.they mixed the chemicals with bullets and insert it in the guns and were dressed in uniform to combat the killerbat zombies.
meanwhile,the people were scared for their lives and had to wait for help to come.finally,dr david green and his colleagues arrived at the scene at georgeville high school in new york in company of his wife.
which was a life and death situation.dr david green sent his wife to fetch for their two children to ensure that they were safe and were found in the school dr david green and his colleagues battle the killerbat zombies,the people stood and watched as it unfolds.
the killerbat zombies died one after the other until they were no more.the people rejoiced for the gallantry exhibited by dr green and his team the city could now heeve a sigh of relief.

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