how to solve a problem between partners in a relationship?

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1.don’t make assumptions
insecurity is what people have,especially in relationships.this is why it is important to be very transparent with one another.just in case you would be late arriving home tonight,it wouldn’t take all day long to send your loved one a text and a reason for the same.never keep someone waiting which only goes to show that you are taking them for granted.
remember,no matter how busy you are,there is  someone solely waiting with all the love for you at the end of the day.he or she may have cooked a nice meal to pep your tired soul.
if your partner isn’t answering your calls or texts,don’t assume they are with someone,having whale of time or worse still,cheating on you.may be there are no signals or there is down time with the telecom company,and your messages aren’t going through.don’t create a row,get across and mad or throw a fit when they finally do answer.this would only scare them away,and of what use is a relationship when one of the partner lives in fear and the other commands or dominates.
don’t be impossible to live with.just because you wake up at five in the morning to work out,don’t expect your partner to forcibly do so look at their point of view,honor and respect it.may be he or she work late nights,at home or at office.the body need rest,energy needs to be restored and only then would they be able to function fully well,keeping you happy too.

2.get real
take a vacation and unwind,the two of you need it.even twenty four hours a day seem to be less,thanks to the rat raced lives we lead,but make time for each doesn’t need to be expensive or lavish;may be a short trip to the farm house,a spa session together or a simple romantic dinner for two could do the trick.
check if the two are happy with the sexual energies you offer one another.many relationships and marriages fail because sex isn’t good or satisfying.most therapists ask couples to be proactive and with consent,a little adventurous too.
it is important to understand your partner mentally,physically and emotionally.
once in a while do something child-like for your partner,rekindle the good old romance which started your love story with him or her.while doing that,you would notice how the two of you put away differences and live in the moment of love.
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