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Now you’re wondering… what is this one saying??? ?
Well, the word above is an ‘illegal’ combination of two words;
Confidence + Communication= Confimmunication

You see, I’ve come to know that no matter how good you know a thing, if you cannot effectively pass your knowledge on to other people, then your knowledge of that thing is ‘almost’ irrelevant to humanity. How can we effectively do so??? CONFIDENCE

Your confidence either buys you people’s attention or your lack of it sells it to the air.

I watched a young guy on TED talk for about 10minutes talk on ‘Absolutely Nothing’ but the audience which included me at the moment was so carried away and awestruck that after the speech he got a standing ovation and sound applause. Remember, he said nothing serious but simply displayed confidence while doing so. That makes a difference!

​Your confidence speaks louder than your words​. When speaking to leadership-minded folks(which includes me at the moment), once you display a loss of confidence while saying whatever it is you have to say, am sorry but you just lost them. Confidence matters! Remember that…

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