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This is another work of fiction that came from my drive to educate viewers and audience alike to enlighten people on what goes on in the society in our everyday lives about what the devil does do the children of God who want to serve God who want to serve God and be a light to the world.
The arch-enemy the devil does not hesitate to lure people into his kingdom of darkness what he does to seduce people through family,friends and colleagues in the schools,places of work,offices,e.t.c.In this age where christianity is fighting to win souls into God’s kingdom engaging the congregation to pray in order not to fall into temptation of the devil who seeks to rin souls through their agents in order to pave way for anti-christ to come into the world.They are everywhere in various places in their large numbers.
For anyone to resist the anti-christ one must be prayerful,read the bible and to be alert at all times.
It follows movies like Meggido,Damian and others.E.T.C.To resist the devil,good will prevail over evil.No matter the adversity that comes in the end times.
Rev.Father Christian Soar,was preaching at a vigil mass at Saint Agnes Catholic in Maryland with the congregation,they were singing and praising God while that was happening,some demons entered the Church,in the midst of the congregation posing as one of them,the names of these demons are Christiana Sanchez,Pamela Anderson and a host of others were there in the Church while vigil was going on,suddenly the priest sensed evil was in the church,he told the congregation to be alert and to pray,while they were praying all of a sudden Christiana Sanchez and Pamela Anderson turned into black creatures with two horns and tails,they had wings they look scary with green eyes,while they were playing,there was commotion in the Church but they were renewed by their faith in God.The scary creatures fled the Church in a flash like the speed of light so suddenly,leaving the congregation in bewilderment.
Meanwhile,Angel Black and her daughter,Isabella Black were praying when they encountered the demons tormenting them in their house unexpected in a speed of light everywhere was dark in the house,before then,they witnessed the house was vibrating as if the world was coming to end like rapture in the end time like they usually happen.There was shadows hovering big shadows they were in the house,they heard strange noise like the cry of babies.
But Angel Black and her daughter Isabella Black were frightened and they prayed very hard,reading the bible while that was going on,the creatures suddenly appeared to them,they sprinkled water on them they disappeared,light return to the house,it was very scary they had not experienced such a thing before.
Peter Jackson and Jack Nicholson were hunting demons,lurking around in the world,they had garlic and holy water as well as guns and knives for self-defence.
As they were working along the way they encountered a legion of demons it was really fierce they fought with them,they sprayed garlic on them they got burnt in the process,and evaporated in the thin air.
Meanwhile,Angel Black and her daughter Isabella Black were walking on the road when they encountered a legion of demons on the way they were chasing them all over the place wherever they went.
While that was going on,Jack Nicholson and Peter Jackson came their to their rescue by killing some of the devils with garlic and holy water.they entered the car with her daughter,they were told to help each other in order to win over evil which they did.
They showed up at the Church when the priest was conducting mass which led to panic.Meanwhile Angela Black,Isabella Black,Peter Jackson and Jack Nicholson arrived at the Church with the priest in attendance,they prayed against them and sprinkled holy water and garlic on them which was fruitful they got burnt and died which was a relief,Everyone was at peace each other.
The End.

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