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Chatting on Gistwheel was not so easy or enjoyable due to the following challenges:
1.Failure to auto load messages while a chat is ongoing, thereby requiring users to be constantly refreshing the page to see new messages.
2.Guests could not participate
3.The chat has to be on a particular page on the user’s profile.

Having looked at this and other challenges,we introduced:
A new chat system that totally addresses the challenges mentioned above.
1.It auto loads messages and shows when a chat member is typing.
2.Supports private and public chat.
3.Guests can chat,in the public chat or private chat with other guests or Registered Members.
4.Emoticons supported
5.File upload (pictures,audios, and videos) supported
6.The new chat pop up system loads on every page of the site.Meaning that you don’t need to be on any particular page to chat.
7.Depending on the device, NOTIFICATION sounds play for entry of new messages/chats, and device vibrates .
8.The new chat system Shows who is online, and gives users the choice to be Available/online, away,off,etc
In addition to the new chat system, we now have a floating messenger icon which enables you to contact us more easily on Facebook.
Feel free to tell us about any challenges encountered while accessing our site.
Thank you

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