praise leader and Reverend prof spoiled my church service

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I woke up this morning with this enthusiasm to go to Church. So I was quick to get ready and got there early enough before the praise worship. I went with my very good sister in the lord (or would you say girlfriend? ) Before long the praise worship started.The guy that led was one cool chap ,with a kind of voice that beat Fun and his team 8:3. But alas! That was where my service started getting enjoyable. As everybody began to get in spirit, I was almost there with the frequency, when I suddenly noticed that the sister(gf) was looking intently and smiling at the song leader.My eyes kept darting from one to the other. Is this girl just getting in spirit or getting somewhere else?? This isn’t the first time this kinda thing is happening. What’s the meaning of this? I began to get my voice higher to see if she could change her direction of look,but the b.. seemed to suddenly explode in spirit, sister was even singing at the same beat,matching him every bit,and even smiling broad,from ear to ear.
Being the God that he is,God knew that the singer and the “singee” were getting me off the flow.The moderator suddenly asked them to round off.I will have a talk with that guy! He should mind his voice!!
Putting myself together, I concentrated on the prayer sessions, praying for Forgiveness of my sins,for my career,my relationship and this Song leader!!(I had to ask forgiveness later for what I prayed for him)
Now as I got calmed and refreshed my smile and the anointing seemed back, the preacher mounted the podium.It was the Reverend prof!
O lord! He began with a deep moving worship. I was gradually following, then his preaching took another dimension.He began to invent so much grammar into the sermon.I held on faithfully the first twenty minutes. he continued to unleash the grammar,observing the phonetical,and “professorial” norms of each word, dragging the words in such a way that the rhema dissipated before he would finish dragging the phonetics and accents.
O lord I need a nap!
I looked left and right.Sister was nodding and following. Ahhh! I tried another ten minutes and oh! I can’t hold this any longer. my eyelids were very heavy,the grammar not helping matters.I bent down,as if in a short prayer..
Yes Amen! I opened my eyes slowly, by my time I had been off for 20 minutes. The prof was still firing. This man! This is Sunday sermon for goodness sake!
I tried and held on through rest of the service.
As we were about to enter the car,sister was all spiritual.” today was just grand! The worship was awesome, that guy is too much! The prof just hit the point!”. I shot her a quick double side glance.It’s not your fault.

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