causes and control of malaria.

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malaria is a disease recurring fever that occurs in the cold climate where it is is responsible for millions of death is is transmitted by the female anopheles mosquito.other mosquitoes include the culex and aedes mosquitoes.they are oviparous laying many eggs as possible in places that are swampy and moist they cannot survive in hot weather only in cold weather.every year countries spend billions of dollars to combat the disease but it is still prevalent.they undergo complete life cycle.they have specialised sucking mouth parts which they transmit the parasite to the human gets to the blood weakening the immune systems.they undergo egg,larva,pupa and adult.they develop in the human body.a lot of problems have risen which include the following:
1.contaminated food:food are left uncovered after cooking the mosquitoes transmit these parasites into the food when consumed gets into the bloodstream weakening the body immune system to fight it making people to fall sick and even die in the process.

2.bushy surroundings:mosquitoes thrive in bushes thereby biting the people that live there people do not wear long sleeve clothing and trousers.and shoes to prevent mosquitoes from biting them.

3.rivers.streams that are not treated:mosquitoes breathe there transmitting various diseases to people who bathe,wash,swim,and even fetch water in those places making them vulnerable to malaria.the causes diseases like elephantiasis,river blindness and dengue fever.also farmers whose farms are located there are at the risk of having stunted growth and reduced yield of crops.

4.improper disposal of wastes:there are not enough receptacles for people to properly dispose their wastes these wastes litter on the ground causing oozing smell to emanate from them which causes the outbreaks of diseases like malaria,diarrhoea,and cholera. resulting in deaths worldwide.

5.human feces as manure:human wastes used as manure in farms have caused diseases like cholera resulting in deaths.they are not conducive for human consumption.

6.improper draining of water on the floor:mosquito breathe there in water that are not drained causing them to lay eggs there.

solutions to these problems include the following

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