Making wealth: Ten things you must know!

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1. Find a Need in the Market and Provide Products and/or Services to Fill that Need There are very few people who feel completely satisfied – experiencing that they have everything they need and want. Twenty to twenty-five years ago, the average American family was much more prosperous than today. Most husbands could easily bring in enough money to maintain the whole family in relative affluence.
Today, in most families, both husband and wife have to work – and they often struggle to pay the bills. Furthermore, about 90% of Americans over 65 are technically bankrupt – their debts exceed their assets.
2. Increase Your Ability to Earn – LEARN! To earn more money, you may need to acquire additional knowledge and skills. You may need to improve your ability to recognize opportunities and take advantage of them. You may need to overcome your negativity and increase your personal power. You may need to increase your personal freedom and power. Every hour invested in this respect can make you many more dollars in the future.
3. Leverage Your Efforts – Earn More for the Work You Do If you work for hourly pay or on a salaried job, your earnings are severely limited. (Except if you’re a top executive of a large company.) By accident or design, our economic system in America today is such that most people simply seem unable to get ahead. After all, if you’re just getting by today on your income, even a generous raise of 20% won’t get you much further along.
The way to get ahead is to leverage your efforts. In other words, find ways to get more money for less work. With Investor’s International, not only do you do things that bring in more money, you also do things that help others to bring in more money – for which they pay you. This is win-win cooperation.
4. Gain Wealth through Multiple Income Streams Terra Libra’s main earnings come from selling helpful information: books, reports, manuals, tapes, and seminars. The companies which we promote provide us with additional income streams.
Eventually we want a dozen or more such income streams. Each income stream is a “money machine.” By participating in these programs, you can create similar multiple income streams for yourself.
5. Pay Yourself First One of the most important principles of wealth is to take at least 10% of your earnings and set it aside as your payment to yourself. This is not spending money. It’s money you set aside to work for you. One way to let it work for you is to put some of it into the Investor’s International program.
You may want to put some of this money in precious metals. Consider the possibility that paper currencies -even the US$ – will eventually get wiped out and lose all their value. Historically, this has happened to every unbacked government paper currency.
This wealth secret of paying yourself first represents one side of the Most Basic Wealth Principle: Produce more than you consume.
6. Control Your Expenditures If you’re like most of us, you spend all the money you earn “hand-to-mouth.” It’s an operating basis that keeps you stuck and prevents you from accumulating wealth – a formula for poverty! You can break out of this trap by using the strongest criteria for spending are: “Do I really need this?” and “What’s the minimum I can pay to get it?”
This wealth secret of cutting your expenses to the bone represents the other side of the Most Basic Wealth Principle: Produce more than you consume.
7. Make Your Assets Multiply One way to make your assets multiply has already been mentioned: Put some into the Investor’s International programs – see #TL13B: The Millionaire’s Secret (II) – which also contains more information in answer to the question: What do you do with your surplus (excess of production over consumption) to maximize the growth of your wealth?
8. Guard Your Assets against Loss Assets can be wiped out in several ways: (1) The institution in which they are invested could go bankrupt; (2) The currency in which they are denominated could collapse – for example, if the US$ collapses, pensions, insurance policies, retirement funds, bonds, etc. could all become worthless; (3) The government can seize your assets with or without cause; (4) Someone can sue you and take all your assets.
A secret of the superrich is to not own anything, but to control assets held in trusts. For more information regarding trusts and asset protection, see The Pure Contract Trust Package.
For many people, taxes constitute the single biggest drain on their assets. Consider the possibility that most of the money you pay to government is either wasted or actually used for harmful purposes. Consider the second possibility that you can lawfully reduce your taxes to way below what your accountant says.
9. Make Your Home a Profitable Investment Most people, when buying a house, first look for one that they like. Then they find out the price. Then they find out how big a mortgage they can get and how much the down payment has to be.
The more wealth-conscious do it differently. They look for a house that is appraised at, say, $200,000 that they can buy for $150,000. They get a mortgage for $190,000 and invest the $40,000 difference for a higher return than the mortgage interest rate.
10. Discover Your Deep-Seated Attitudes and Beliefs about Money and Correct Them if Necessary Many of us have limiting – even debilitating! – attitudes and beliefs about money. Some of these are culturally widespread – for example: “filthy lucre” = “money is dirty”; “money doesn’t grow on trees” = “money is scarce and difficult to get”; and some people believe that “money is the root of all evil” and “you must have money to make money.” Correcting your attitudes and beliefs about money is one of the most important wealth secrets and is covered extensively in the ‘Millionaire’ report series.
Think about it!

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