avian influenza.

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avian influenza is a virus that attacks poultry birds.it results in deaths of many farm birds resulting in loss of production of eggs of birds.its symptoms are coughing,pox,watery stools,dullness,vomitting e.t.c.it is transmitted from animal to man.that is it is communicable.it kills at an alarming rate  every seconds.many people have died as a result of consuming poultry birds infected with the disease.it occurs worldwide.across the country and region.that is why a lot has to be done to combat the disease before it wipes out the entire population.

a lot of farmers have suffered casualties of their poultry birds to the disease.resulting in loss of money and resources to maintain them.the dead poultry birds are burnt in order for people not to consume it.and also for the safety of the other poultry birds that are not affected.that is why a lot of people are advised to avoid contact with birds in order not to be affected.

when people eat these birds that are affected the virus enters their body weakening the immune system making them susceptible to the disease.it is endemic occuring across continents.making them sick.some of them die before they are taken to the hospital.

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