Seven most common website problems

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Website problems whether we admit it or not, have continued to plague webmasters and site owners.sometimes the owners do not even know the cause of the issues they’re passing through. having hints of the problems enables you to know where to start looking for solutions. i remember one time I’ve had to write up to 5 emails to my hosting providers before they would fully understand my problem and try fixing it. that was because i hardly understood the issues, and hardly knew the terminologies to put them through at the time. the website problems listed below are among the most commonly reported. we hope this proves helpful.


    Nothing is as unpleasant on a site as broken links/pages, it kills the interest of your visitors and their navigation experience is greatly affected.Navigation is important so all pages are easy to access from anywhere within the website. When a business wants to build a website quickly and without a professional’s recommendations, often one of the key elements of a website is compromised, the site structure. Making sure the structure of the website is solid will minimize the amount of broken links on your website and will give the user a better overall guide to relevant information. There are tools that check if there are any broken links such as free broken link checker, and the dead link checker.  Google will penalize you for not keeping your site content , current Users will be frustrated and will assume that you do not perform regular maintenance on your website.

  2. Poor Quality Design

    The first thing a website visitor observes upon landing, is the layout and design of the site. today we see a lot of unattractive websites all over the web. This is because Web Design is primarily an artistic talent that most programmers  simply do not possess .On the other hand, some graphic artists are so intent on creating a graphic masterpiece that they lose touch with the fact that the purpose of the website is to generate business for the client, not win a Web Design award. Our philosophy is to build attractive, high-quality and responsive  sites at affordable prices. You want a site that reflects the professionalism of your organization without breaking your budget. Most importantly we want our sites to succeed at attracting new business for our clients. i no matter your content quality, if you don’t have a beautiful environment to house it, you stand the risk of losing your visitor’s interest, and consequently your clients will start to get pissed off.

  3. E-mail Address Exposed

    i know how much spam emails i used to get before i had to decisively deal with the issue of spam emails. Many businesses publish their e-mail addresses directly on their website. Unfortunately, this often leads to a flurry of unsolicited e-mails from spammers who harvest these e-mail addresses using automated web crawlers. In our websites, we use encryption techniques that allow us to publish your e-mail address in a format that prevents it from being harvested by spammers.

  4.  Duplicate page titles Link

    The title of each Web page is as important as the content of the page. Page titles are the pieces of text we write between the <title> tags in the <head> section of our HTML code. The first benefit of checking out your page title  is that a good title communicates to your visitors a lot of information about what the page is about. People can quickly figure out if they’re in the right place or not. Remember that this title doesn’t just show at the top of the browser window; it’s also shown on the search engine results pages. When people see a list of results on a search engine like Google, they read the page title to figure out what each page is about. This alone is a good enough reason to spend a little time optimizing your page titles.

    The second reason has to do with SEO. Search engines need different information to rank the results of a particular query. Page title is one of the more important pieces of information they use to gauge how relevant your page is to a particular search term.


    Forgotten username and passwords to a variety of accounts that are necessary in the web design process can halt a project immediately. Many times, people roll their eyes when told to write the website, username, password and any other data that matters and keep it in a safe place. Then a few weeks later they say that they are having trouble logging in and that their password does not work or they forgot their password. Usually these calls come to us in the middle of an “emergency” and often times, there is nothing the web design company can do. Tracking all of the necessary usernames and passwords for the complete web design process can prove to be an annoyance to any business owner


    The hosting and domain name renewal has been another issue that has come up. It is very important that dates for the renewal of hosting and domain name are put on a calendar or checked on a regular basis. Often times, renewal dates are forgotten and another company buys the domain name, leaving you with printed materials with an outdated domain name. Or the website hosting is shut off and the business misses a sale from a prospective customer.

    Hosting is a very important piece of having a professional website and can have a huge effect on the success of the website. Many people we talk to are so concerned about saving a few bucks on the website hosting that they forget what they will not be receiving if they go the cheap route. Usually the cheaper the website hosting, the more people there are on a web server. The more people on a web server the slower the web server. This translates into slower load times for your website along with search engines not being able to crawl your website. Ultimately your website receives a lower search engine ranking, potential customers lose interest from the amount of time it takes to go from page to page on your website and they leave and go to your competitor.

  7.  WEBSITE BACKUPSWebsite backups can be critically important if you have databases that run your website, or if you have data that is stored on a server it is a great advantage against the odds to have a frequent backup of your site frequently. this could be handled by your hosting provider, or you could make use of the numerous cloud backup alternatives like google drive, Cloudflare and other cloud-based backup services. not havinng a backup plan leaves you at risk of losing everything you’ve suffered for. whereas you could have had your website back online with another hosting company within a matter of minutes, rather than gone forever.

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